CYSD’s Community Surges to Over 1200 Members, Witnessing a Remarkable Volunteer Increase from 100 to 300+ Within a Year

CYSD (Centre for Youth & Social Development) is a non-profit organization committed to empowering youth and promoting social development initiatives.

Community grew 1200 member strong within 12 months
Volunteers increased from 100 to 300+ within 12 months
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CYSD (Centre for Youth & Social Development) is a non-profit organization committed to empowering youth and promoting social development initiatives. With a mission to create a positive impact in the community, CYSD recognized the need to streamline their volunteer, donor, and vendor management processes. To address these challenges, CYSD partnered with Blueterra by Almashines, a leading technology provider, to develop a comprehensive community platform.


Prior to implementing the community platform, CYSD faced several challenges in managing their volunteer, donor, and vendor networks efficiently. Manual processes led to inefficiencies, such as difficulty in tracking volunteer, managing donor contributions, and coordinating with vendors for events and activities. Additionally, CYSD struggled with low volunteer retention rates and limited engagement due to the lack of a centralized platform for communication and collaboration.


By partnering with Almashines to build a community platform, CYSD aimed to address these challenges and achieve several key objectives:

  1. Streamline volunteer, donor, and vendor management processes for improved efficiency.
  2. Increase volunteer numbers through enhanced engagement and recruitment strategies.
  3. Improve volunteer retention rates by providing a user-friendly platform for communication and recognition.
  4. Strengthen relationships with donors and vendors by providing transparency and facilitating smoother interactions

Key Outcomes

Following the implementation of the community platform, CYSD experienced significant improvements across various aspects of their operations:

  1. Streamlined Processes: The community platform provided CYSD with centralized tools for volunteer, donor, and vendor management, reducing administrative burden and streamlining workflows leading to surge of over 1200 members.
  2. Increased Volunteer Numbers: Through targeted recruitment campaigns and improved engagement strategies facilitated by the platform, CYSD witnessed a notable increase in volunteer numbers from 100 to 300+ in less than a year, enabling them to expand their reach and impact.
  3. Improved Retention Rates: The platform offered features such as volunteer programs, feedback mechanisms, and personalized communication, leading to higher volunteer satisfaction and improved retention rates.
  4. Enhanced Donor and Vendor Relations: The transparency and efficiency provided by the platform strengthened CYSD’s relationships with donors and vendors, resulting in increased support and collaboration for their initiatives.


The partnership between CYSD and Almashines to develop a community platform has proven to be instrumental in addressing the organization’s challenges and achieving its objectives. By leveraging technology to streamline processes, increase engagement, and foster stronger relationships, CYSD has been able to make a more significant impact in the community and advance its mission of youth empowerment and social development. Moving forward, CYSD remains committed to leveraging the community platform to further enhance its effectiveness and expand its reach.

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