Fostering Succes: Supercharge Your Ed-Tech Company Growth

Boost Admissions | Cultivate Brand Ambassadors | Forge Lasting Brand Loyalty | Increase Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Opportunities


Resource Center For Students

Establish an Empowering Knowledge Hub having Curated Webinar Links, Concise Crash Courses, Comprehensive Study Materials, and Expert Tips & Tricks – Providing Students a Seamless Access to Everything Essential For Their Success

Powerful Analytics

Uncover the Pulse of Your Audience: Dive into the World of Analytics to Explore Your Most Engaged Members and Thriving Groups. Discover the Hottest Courses, Trending Webinars, and Sought-After Content. Watch Membership Soar and Trends Evolve Over Time, Igniting the Sparks of Dynamic Community Building!

Let students get mentored and inspired by the alumni

Open Doors to Mentorship Excellence through Your Ed-Tech Company’s Alumni Network. Empower your students with the chance to be guided by exceptional alumni. In the formative years when inspiration is paramount, extend the privilege of receiving guidance and motivation from your accomplished alumni community. Facilitate consultation calls, offering invaluable career insights and solutions to success-related inquiries directly from your alumni. Ultimately, alumni management within your institution directly influences the achievements and career trajectories of present students.

Amplify the impact of your alumni community with AlmaShines alumni relationship platform

Cloud-based alumni engagement platform

Alumni across the globe can access the secure cloud-based alumni management software AlmaShines. They can find & connect with peers and classmates based on locations, job roles and post-graduate degrees.

Fully configurable and centrally managed

Your staff does not need technical know-how to use our alumni relationships platform. You can go live with AlmaShines in just 7 days. Data like alumni location and jobs get updated in real-time, without any additional effort.

High-engaging experience for alumni

In-built email marketing tool, a fully branded experience and personalized communication channels make it a highly-engaged experience for your school alumni community.

Track the interactions

Gather and analyze data about community engagement, profile completion and demographics. Get detailed reports with precise information about your alumni, based on critical criteria.

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