AlmaShines helps institutions digitize alumni relations

Utilize alumni management software to engage the alumni community, build a global network, seamlessly manage your alumni directory and seek financial support from the alumni community.


Digitize your alumni relations and build a global network

Adapt to the new digital reality with a powerful alumni relations platform to take all your alumni engagement activities virtual. We understand that with a small team and limited resources, it can be challenging to grow your efforts to engage all the stakeholders including the administration and the alumni. AlmaShines makes it easy for alumni to connect with each other for social or professional networking, regardless of their location.

Manage alumni database automatically and engage seamlessly

Updating alumni databases manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. As an alumni management platform, we eliminate the use of spreadsheets by digitizing alumni databases. Our alumni directory integrates with social media to track alumni based on their jobs, locations, and more. Using advanced filters and integrations you can access the latest alumni data within minutes and engage with them across different channels.

Generate reports for ranking and accreditations

Admin dashboards can help your institutions generate multiple reports including the companies where alumni are working, their locations, post-graduation degree and more. Additionally, data including funds raised, key alumni donors and other such data required for ranking and accreditation purposes can be collected right within AlmaShines alumni management platform so that your teams do not have to spend time manually curating these records.

Upgrade your institute’s alumni engagement with AlmaShines

Fully configurable to cater to the requirements of your institute

Add your institution’s branding elements like name, logo and brand colours to AlmaShines alumni management mobile app. Custom white labelled institute alumni platform has a familiar look and feel.

Easy to manage alumni engagement platform

Alumni Directory automatically updates alumni records, fetching location and professional data from social media. Your institution can scale alumni relationships even with a small team, without increasing their workload.

Easy outreach

Reach out to your alumni community with personalized emails using our bulk email engine. To facilitate regular communication, design modern HTML emails in minutes, share institution updates with alumni and boost your outreach.

Personalize engagement for all segments of alumni

What better than using automation to scale personalized communication for all your alumni segments? AlmaShines alumni management platform for institutions empowers you to build an engaged community.

Seek career and financial support from your alumni

Alumni can be instrumental in institute placements and internships. Leverage your alumni community to boost your student’s career. Additionally, an active alumni community leads to higher engagement, satisfaction and an increase in active memberships. The resulting increase in satisfied alumni facilitates more funding through membership renewal, donation campaigns and beyond.

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