A collaborative online school community of parents, teachers, students, and alumni

Students, parents, teachers and schools can leverage the power of a connected alumni community for mentorship, guidance and career support. Digitizing alumni relations, allow parents and students to connect with alumni and celebrate the success of your students and alumni.


Stay connected with your alumni anywhere in the world

Connecting with alumni is a continuous process for schools and AlmaShines alumni directory makes it an effortless process. AlmaShines Alumni Directory integrates with multiple social media to track alumni based on jobs, locations and more. Schools can do away with outdated data stored in spreadsheets. Real-time data gathered by AlmaShines allows schools to connect with alumni across the globe.

Connect parents with alumni to make the right decisions for students

When parents are at an intersection of deciding which stream to choose for their children, they can consult alumni directly for making informed decisions. Consider the alumni community as a guidance platform for parents and students. Parents can reach out to the alumni using media like video calls and chat. Based on factors like interests, inclination and more, alumni can help parents understand which field would be right for students.

Let students get mentored and inspired by the alumni

Give your students an opportunity to get mentored by outstanding alumni. At an age where children look for inspiration, allow them to get coached and inspired by your alumni community. Students can book consultation calls and get their career guidance and success queries solved by alumni. Afterall, alumni management for schools has a direct impact on current students and their career success.

Amplify the impact of your alumni community with AlmaShines alumni relationship platform

Cloud-based alumni engagement platform

Alumni across the globe can access the secure cloud-based alumni management software AlmaShines. They can find & connect with peers and classmates based on locations, job roles and post-graduate degrees.

Fully configurable and centrally managed

Your staff does not need technical know-how to use our alumni relationships platform. You can go live with AlmaShines in just 7 days. Data like alumni location and jobs get updated in real-time, without any additional effort.

High-engaging experience for alumni

In-built email marketing tool, a fully branded experience and personalized communication channels make it a highly-engaged experience for your school alumni community.

Track the interactions

Gather and analyze data about community engagement, profile completion and demographics. Get detailed reports with precise information about your alumni, based on critical criteria.

Cherish and celebrate the success of your students and alumni

AlmaShines tracks every alumni’s career and engagement data to help you understand each alumnus better. Also, provide your alumni a chance to contribute beyond dollars with mentorship. The alumni community can help students and young alumni as they progress in their careers. Your school plays an integral part in cherishing and celebrating the success of students and alumni, by facilitating communications and staying on top of the engagement.

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