Empowering institutions to drive engagement from their alumni community

AlmaShines is a comprehensive alumni management platform to drive alumni engagement, boost their participation in events, reconnect with unengaged alumni and lay a strong foundation for lifelong relationships.

Trusted by 900+ global and national institutes to drive alumni relationships

Connect with your alumni and manage an updated alumni database with minimal efforts

Connecting with your alumni has to be a continuous and effortless process. AlmaShines integrates with social media to track alumni changing jobs or locating to different cities. Institutions prefer working on our alumni management platform as we eliminate the use of spreadsheets filled with outdated data. Advanced integrations and filters ensure you get access to the latest alumni data within a few clicks. Implement AlmaShines to stop wasting time on managing huge alumni databases manually.

Keep your alumni engaged with an online community

Foster a sense of belonging and connection by engaging with your alumni all year round. The growth of both professional networks and personal relationships is facilitated through alumni engagement activities. Your alumni are your biggest supporters and AlmaShines empowers institutions to nurture alumni relationships with events, group engagement, networking and more.

Effortlessly manage alumni relationships using automation and digitization

Alumni management platform AlmaShines enables your institution to seamlessly manage alumni relationships using automation and digitization. Multiple outreach channels facilitate quick and smooth communication with your alumni community. Use our advanced mailing functionality to draft a personalized email in seconds. Social media integration allows you to share your message across your social profiles. Automation saves you hours of work that would otherwise go in personalizing each interaction across your alumni database.

Supercharge your alumni relationships with AlmaShines Alumni Management

Mobile-first Experience

Connect, engage and nurture your alumni community through an alumni management app. Your alumni mobile app will be available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store with your name, logo and colors.

Personalized Engagement

Foster engagement through personalized invitations and group participation. Virtual events supported by follow-up communications managed through the system lead to group discussion and participation through the AlmaShines alumni networking platform.

Automated content management

Add, update and moderate content easily. Control the content published by the members. Automate email campaigns, in-app notifications and push notifications.

High Configurability

Customize the look, feel and branding of your alumni platform and seamlessly integrate the platform with your existing software. Enjoy all the benefits of alumni management without increasing your workload.

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