A Leading Technology Firm Boosted Their Glassdoor Ratings from 3.2 to 3.8 Within 8 Months

A leading technology company, recognized the importance of nurturing a strong talent brand and enhancing employee satisfaction to sustain its growth trajectory in the competitive tech industry.

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A leading technology company, recognized the importance of nurturing a strong talent brand and enhancing employee satisfaction to sustain its growth trajectory in the competitive tech industry. To address this, the company embarked on a journey to build an employee community portal aimed at fostering a sense of belonging, collaboration, and engagement among its workforce 


Prior to the implementation of the employee community portal, they faced several challenges:

1. Limited Talent Branding: The company struggled to effectively communicate its employer value proposition (EVP) to potential candidates, leading to difficulties in attracting top talent. 

2. Low Employee Satisfaction: Employee feedback revealed a lack of avenues for meaningful interaction and engagement, resulting in lower morale and productivity levels. 

3. Moderate Ratings on Glassdoor: The company’s Glassdoor rating of 3.2 was indicative of areas needing improvement in employee experience and satisfaction. 


1. Enhanced Talent Branding: The company aimed to increase its talent branding efforts by showcasing a vibrant and engaging work culture through the community portal. 

2. Improved Employee Satisfaction: Expectations were high for the portal to serve as a platform for fostering stronger relationships, facilitating knowledge sharing, and enhancing overall job satisfaction. 

3. Boost in NPS Score: They aimed to elevate its Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 20% within first year of launching the community portal, indicating higher levels of employee advocacy and loyalty. 


To address these challenges and meet its expectations, they implemented a comprehensive solution centered around the development and deployment of an employee community portal. Key features and strategies included:

1. Interactive Communication Channels: The portal provided various channels such as discussion forums, interest groups, integrated messaging system, and feedback mechanisms, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among employees.

2. Knowledge Sharing Hub: A centralized repository of resources, best practices, and learning materials was established to encourage knowledge sharing and continuous learning among employees.

3. Recognition and Rewards Program: An integrated system for acknowledging and rewarding employee contributions, achievements, and milestones was introduced to boost morale and motivation.

4. Leadership Engagement Initiatives: Senior leadership actively participated in the community portal, engaging in open dialogues, sharing insights, and soliciting feedback to demonstrate their commitment to employee welfare and development.

5. Social and Recreational Activities: The portal hosted virtual social events, team-building activities, and interest-based groups to foster a sense of community and belonging among employees, especially in remote work settings.

Key Outcomes

1. 21% Increase in Talent Branding: The company successfully elevated its talent branding efforts, attracting a higher caliber of candidates drawn to its vibrant and inclusive work culture showcased through the portal. 

2. 23% Increase in NPS Score: Employee advocacy and loyalty surged, as evidenced by a significant boost in the Net Promoter Score, reflecting heightened satisfaction and endorsement among employees.

3. Glassdoor Rating Improved to 3.8: The company’s Glassdoor rating experienced a notable improvement, climbing from 3.2 to 3.8, signaling enhanced employee experience and satisfaction levels acknowledged by external stakeholders. 


In conclusion, their strategic investment in building an employee community portal not only bolstered its talent branding efforts but also resulted in tangible improvements in employee satisfaction, advocacy, and external perceptions, positioning the company as an employer of choice within the competitive tech landscape. 

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