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Old Cambrian
"It has helped us in improving the alumni database and generated a kind of feel in the alumni that they are very much part of the university"
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
Avnish Jadav
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Up-to-Date Alumni Database

Automatically update alumni database without spending so many manual hours.

Track Alumni

Keep a track of alumni activities on the platform and new connections built.

Automatic Growing Data

With advance automation and powerful integrations, watch your data grow automatically.

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Features of AlmaDirectory

Alumni Directory


Alumni are very excited to connect to their fellow classmates and walk down the memory lane. With ‘Yearbook’, let your alumni connect with their long-lost friends easily and cherish the bond. 

Data Authentication

Only add genuine alumni to your network. Alumni Coordinators spend a lot of time in filtering out people who don’t belong to their community. With Data Authentication, manage who should the part of your network by accepting or rejecting their requests. 

Alumni Authentication
Admin Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be magical to keep a track of all alumni who have been active, what they have been up to, where are they located, which organization they work in, how did your last communication perform, all on a single dashboard? ‘Analytics Dashboard’ creates the same magic for you by letting you build an online alumni directory with various professional and geographical filters.

Communication Channels

AlmaDirectory is equipped with multiple outreach channels, hence facilitating smooth communication with your alumni. With advanced mailing engine, draft a personalized HTML email in seconds and boost the responses. Social Media Channels Integration lets you share your message to these channles from AlmDirectory itself!

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