Keep track of your alumni with a free Alumni Directory

Our completely automated alumni directory allows institutions to build and manage alumni databases. Stay on top of your communications with the searchable AlmaDirectory.


Batch Wise Data

What better than finding and connecting with fellow classmates you’ve lost touch with? One of the key features of our automated alumni directory, Yearbook allows alumni to discover and connect with long-lost friends. Institutions can mail the AlmaDirectory to all their members on the portal. They can create profiles, update them and find missing classmates within a few clicks.

Global Alumni Positioning

Build a self-sustainable community that looks after one another, anywhere globally. AlmaDirectory’s Mapview makes it easier for alumni to connect with peers based on their location, to break down the walls of communication. The automated alumni directory captures updated alumni information based on geographic filters. Alumni can choose a location on Mapview and view the members residing in that geography.

Analytics Dashboard

Proactive alumni relationship management requires automated tracking of active members, their location, where they work and their current interests. AlmaDirectory’s analytics dashboard monitors all these data points. The result is an updated alumni database with professional and geographical filters. Your institution can use this data to gauge alumni engagement and the performance of your campaigns.

Kickstart your alumni community with an automated alumni directory

Automatically updated alumni records

AlmaDirectory maintains updated alumni records, fetching the data from social media platforms. Your institution does not have to manually manage or update alumni information.

Bulk Mailing Engine

Facilitate smooth communication with your alumni using AlmaDirectory’s bulk email feature. Design personalized HTML emails in a few minutes, share updates with alumni and boost your response rate

White labelled institute branded portal

Custom branding with the automated alumni directory enables your institution to retain its branding. Discover, connect and engage with your alumni community on a platform that has a familiar look and feel.

Keep your alumni updated with institutional news

Easily share everything from new alumni initiatives to student achievements to the latest fundraising campaign with your alumni network through AlmaDirectory.

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