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Interactive Live Sessions

Connect with the alumni community at the same time, same place virtually! Give your alumni an experience the college fun and nostalgia by connecting with them through interactive live sessions.

Networking & Engagement

Don’t limit your alumni events to webinars or video calls. Make the experience more engaging by hosting Live Q/A, Live chat and conducting Live Polls.

oNE-ON-ONE Alumni Networking

Physical meets is a great opportunity for alumni to connect and network with other alumni on a personal basis. With One-On-One Alumni Networking Feature get a chance to connect with Alumni of your choice personally and virtually!

Gamify Alumni Experience

Add zing to your virtual alumni event by adding distinct gamification features in real-time and create a fun & memorable experience. Create Quiz, photo, video contests and encourage alumni participation; Assign points to different activities and Reward attendee activities and actions


Registration Forms

Create custom registration forms for every event and map the responses with the alumni profiles.


Online Ticketing Module

Create multiple types of tickets online e.g. Early Bird, VIP AND Boost alumni participation


Easy Reach Out

Harness the power of social media channels and mails together to maximize the alumni participation.


Pre Event Engagement

Engage your alumni attendees by carrying out various pre-event engagement campaigns

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