Engaging Alumni on Social Media (Part 2)

Engaging Alumni on Social Media (Part 2)

Engaging alumni means having the alumni themselves take action on behalf of the community. The types of interaction and sharing on social media will continue to evolve with new platforms and new features. For now, here are some ways that your alumni can participate in social media for the alumni community and for the institution:

  • Social Media Ambassadors: Call on alumni to post about the institution and alumni on their pages and feeds through an organized ambassadors program. 
  • Alumni Engagement Challenges: Launch a month-long engagement challenge, where alumni are given daily or weekly tasks to complete, such as connecting with a fellow alum or sharing advice with current students. Make it a competition among classes for participation to add some excitement.
  • Alumni Art Showcase: Create an Instagram account dedicated to alumni artists’ works. Share their creations and stories, allowing them to showcase their talents to a wider audience.
  • Live Alumni Talks (Instagram/Facebook): Invite notable alumni for live Q&A sessions on Instagram or other social media, where they can share insights, experiences, and advice while interacting with viewers in real time.
  • Alumni-Owned Business Highlight: Spotlight alumni-owned businesses through dedicated posts, showcasing the entrepreneurial achievements of your alumni community.
  • LinkedIn Career Insights Series: Share career insights, tips, and advice from successful alumni on LinkedIn, offering valuable professional development content.
  • Alumni Virtual Book Club: Organize a virtual book club where alumni can read and discuss books together, fostering intellectual engagement and networking.
  • Alumni DIY Challenge: Encourage alumni to share their DIY projects, whether it’s home improvement, crafting, or art, and highlight their creativity. Most popular event of this kind is having a home chef demonstrate preparing a meal on a webinar.
  • Alumni Talent Showcase: Showcase a wide range of alumni talents, from music and dance performances to comedy sketches, through short video clips shared on social media.
  • Alumni Quiz Games: Create fun and interactive quiz games related to the school’s history, traditions, and iconic landmarks, encouraging alumni to test their knowledge.

Having the alumni take initiative will be engaging and personal fulfilling for them and help to build the alumni community.