Step-Wise Guide to Host Incredible Alumni Events

Step-Wise Guide to Host Incredible Alumni Events

With the ‘Guide to Conduct Memorable Alumni Events’, we aim at bringing a concise set of insights, strategies, and ideas to help you understand all the core aspects of planning a memorable alumni meet, right from understanding the need of alumni events to planning the same, organizing an awesome show and translating this into relations.

1. Introduction to Alumni Events

There was a time when institutions welcomed a new batch of students and bid
farewell to the passed-out students. This cycle continues forever. Many
institutes miss out on maintaining the relationship with the outgoing batch, once
they leave the institute.

Alumni are the largest torch-bearers or ambassadors for their institute.
Maintaining a healthy relationship with them can strengthen the institute and
its students by multi-folds.

Alumni events are the best way to accumulate all the alumni in one place and
let them network internally as well as with their alma mater. Alumni associations
across the globe are working harder to organize alumni reunions in a way that
gives alumni the warmth of being a family and, in turn, seeks support from them.
Moreover, there are a few reasons why every institution should conduct alumni
meet in present times. Let’s have a quick look:

1. Alumni are nostalgic. Every now and then, they recall their school or college
life and miss their life at their alma mater. Each alum is very much a part of an
institution even if s/he has passed out long ago. As much as an institution wants
to connect with its students, alumni also feel an urge to go back to their alma
mater and connect again. By an alumni reunion, an institute can allow its alumni
to relive those days and feel blessed, again!

2. Over time, alumni might have gained enough corporate exposure and become
experts in their specific forte. This real-world experience can help current
students dramatically. By organizing alumni reunions, schools/universities can
get in touch with such brilliant alumni and ask them to give back to their alma
mater, if not money, then by time and talent.

3. Reunions are a great way to build personal relationships with alumni. While
institutions can interact with alumni and build lifelong bonds, they can also seek
huge funds and donations from their alumni. Of course, the institute should
consider the nature of the relationship it has developed over time.

4. None but you alumni can become the best brand bespoke of the institution.
They can spread the buzz about the institute and represent your institute to
stand out amongst others in good faith. But before you elect alumni as your
brand ambassador, you have to make them feel valued. And, an alumni event
especially centred towards these ambassadors can work wonders.

2. Planning an Alumni Event

Conducting an alumni event is a venture in itself. Hence, managing the resources
plays a vital role in delivering a good experience to the alumni. Cutting resources
from wrong areas can compromise upon the experience of the alumni and
adding resources that don’t contribute to the experience of the alumni can
unnecessarily inflate the costs.

Before planning the resources, let’s understand the expectations of Alumni from
the institute/Alumni office

a. When Alumni are travelling, the institute shall help them plan the
commute and accommodation
b. The itinerary/agenda of the event shall be communicated in advance
c. Registering for the event should be hassle-free
d. Good Food of course
e. Highly interactive and energetic temperament
f. Nostalgia Triggers, elements that can evoke emotions
g. No confusion or miscommunication