Story of the Highest Alumni Participation in the History of Alumni Reunions of Andhra University


Alumni meets are a great way to relive the golden days. Meeting your old friends from high school and university after many years can be a beautiful experience, especially when everyone’s busy juggling between work, family, and friends.

Established in 1926, Andhra University is a public university located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Being a huge university offering over 313 courses in various areas and fields, it has a huge alumni community spread across the globe occupying important positions in government administration, industry and research organizations.

Andhra University has always believed that in order to build a strong and vibrant alumni community, it is very necessary for the institutions to engage the alumni and stay connected with them. Moving forward with the same belief, Andhra University was planning an Alumni Reunion on 10 December 2018. However, planning and managing the alumni reunions comes with various challenges and redundant tasks, which tends to eat out tons of their time and effort.

In October 2018, Andhra University Alumni Association (AAA) partnered with AlmaShines and was all set to go live with their new Alumni platform, taking its Alumni Community a step further. With the launch of alumni platform in November 2018, AAA experienced a whole next level of alumni engagement.

With various platform-driven campaigns they were able to:

  1. Easily reach to the alumni community through alumni platform, social media channels, etc.
  2. Increase it alumni database from 6,000 alumni to 15,0000 alumni in just one month.
  3. Engage alumni and boost the momentum before the event with various pre-event engagement activities planned.
  4. Get an Alumni Participation of over 10,000 alumni for the Alumni Meet Event

In the history of Andhra University, it was the first time that saw alumni participation of over 10,000 alumni in the event and made the event a memorable one for every member belonging to the AAA Community. You can see some of the glimpses of the event below

Ashwini Rajvaidya

Ashwini Rajvaidya

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