5 Hacks To Grow Alumni Engagement With A Powerful Technology
Alumni Engagement

5 Hacks To Grow Alumni Engagement With A Powerful Technology

Social Media Platforms Alone Cannot Boost Your Alumni Engagement

Alumni engagement is not time-specific, it is a continuous process of inviting your alumni participate and interact. Alumni engagement differs from platform to platform. Alumni engagement can be done with multiple platforms where you engage your alumni such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. But with these multiple social media platforms, one can not build a strong alumni community. Alumni Offices have been adopting smart technologies to cater to the complex alumni relations engagement cycle. There’s nothing like the power of an alumni platform built with cutting-edge technology that boosts alumni engagement to another level.

5 Hacks That Boosts Alumni Engagement with a Powerful Alumni Platform:

  1. Platform Driven Engagement Campaigns:

When you’re out of alumni engagement ideas, let the technology come up with new ones. Yes, that’s right! Based on the alumni interests, likes and comments, advanced algorithms provide better alumni engagement ideas, completely platform-driven. Whatttttttttt!

2. Powerful Outreach with Integrations:

The Alumni engagement model usually consists of various tools.  Sometimes managing multiple tools for alumni engagement becomes cliche. To avoid this, the alumni platform eliminates the process of managing multiple outreach tools (emails, social media, SMS, etc.). with powerful integrations of all of them on the alumni platform with which you can easily reach out and control your outreach channels from a single place. Alumni Platforms facilitate personalized/targeted communication by generating automated HTML mailers, auto event creations, and increase alumni engagement by building personal relationships with your alumni.


Capture the attention of your alumni instantaneously as you circulate important information and make announcements. A notification system prompts quickly reduces the response time of alumni towards your campaigns and will make sure that your information is consumed by the alumni right when you want them to know. You can play with cool notification headlines to infuse and sustain the excitement of your alumni. Don’t forget, your alumni will remember some of your best notifications and will talk it over with their friends too!

4. Alumni Events/ Webinars:

There is so much to look forward to in the coming years after a challenging last year.

A lot of institutions conducted their first virtual giving day, virtual seminar, etc.’ Amidst this, one concept that evolved better so far is Virtual Alumni Events.

You can create any virtual events or webinars on alumni platforms. Don’t lose your alumni over managing multiple tools. Make it a hassle-free experience for alumni to register and attend your virtual events. Manage registration, ticketing, etc. from the platform itself thereby not losing alumni participation during these processes.

For webinars and other online events, alumni platforms serve as a single point of contact for alumni to register and attend.

5. News & Stories:

News and stories are the essential points to keep your alumni engaged. 

For alumni engagement, you can arrange Technology facilitates polls, interest groups, and professional networking groups easily on the platform. This will help to build a strong alumni network as well as boost alumni engagement because alumni can now interact on various groups from a single place thereby not oscillating between various networking tools.

You can make important announcements on the platform and get it viewed easily by all alumni just like notice boards. 


The Alumni platform is an important tool for alumni engagement. You can manage alumni virtual events, webinars, news everything under one roof.

Invest in a more interactive alumni platform rather than on multiple tools which will not only enhance your alumni engagement but also save you a lot of time & money.

See what are some of the features of AlmaShines Alumni Platform and how you can increase your alumni engagement. 

For small alumni offices, the most important factor which is taken into consideration is ROI. Investing in technology only makes sense as it delivers ROI and removes the limitation of manpower.