A friend in need is a friend indeed! ‘Couchsurfing’ provides a tremendous power to your alumni by connecting them to other alumni base located across the globe whenever they are in need. It helps alumni avail any local support, assistance and help from his fellow friend easily.


News & Stories

A continuous flow of information ensures that the institute and its alumni are at par. With ‘News & Stories’, engage your alumni community like never before and ensure that your alumni are updated with latest news and information of various alumni events, homecomings, campaigns, stories, etc.

Networking Directory

Your alumni community is of the biggest help to your alumni by engaging them and building a meaningful relationship with them. With ‘Networking Directory’, AlmaShines facilitates that your alumni connect with the best pool of people who add a boost in their professional careers and build a wide professional network.

Alumni Support

Let your alumni avail exclusive campus benefits and make a pleasing experience for them whenever they return to their alma mater. Make transcripts, access to institute’s library, facility of stay over a night and more easily accessible to alumni with ‘Alumni Support’.

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Engage your alumni effectively

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