10 Ideas to Make Homecoming Memorable

10 Ideas to Make Homecoming Memorable

Alumni homecoming is usually a day-long happening often centered around an annual sporting event that brings former students back to their alma mater to reconnect, celebrate, and relive memories. Hosting homecoming is a significant undertaking that should bring together the community in support of the team and the institution. WIth such a large investment of resources, it is important that it is memorable and enjoyable for the alumni! Here are some activities, including some that are typical, that you might organize for an even more memorable alumni homecoming:

  • Welcome Reception: Kick off the event with a welcome reception where alumni can mingle, reconnect, and meet fellow classmates.
  • Tailgate Party: Set up a shared tailgate before the game with food trucks, music, games, and alumni merchandise.
  • Campus Tours: Offer guided tours of the campus, showcasing new developments, facilities, and any changes since the alumni’s time at the school.
  • Class Reunions: Organize individual class reunions for milestone years (e.g., 10th, 25th, 50th) on the same weekend. Provide dedicated spaces for each class to gather and reminisce.
  • Alumni Athlete Exhibition Games: Arrange friendly exhibition games featuring alumni athletes competing against current students, showcasing school spirit.
  • Alumni vs. Faculty/Staff Sports Matches: Organize friendly matches between alumni and current faculty/staff in various sports like basketball, soccer, or softball.
  • Alumni Awards Ceremony: Recognize outstanding alumni achievements and contributions through an awards ceremony during the homecoming festivities.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Plan activities that cater to alumni and their families, such as face painting, petting zoos, carnival games, and children’s entertainment.
  • Historical Photo Booths: Set up photo booths with school logoed props from different eras, allowing alumni to take fun and nostalgic pictures.
  • Evening Gala or Banquet: Host an elegant gala or banquet where alumni can enjoy fine dining, dancing, and live entertainment.

When planning alumni homecoming activities, consider the interests, preferences, and demographics of your alumni community. Balancing traditional activities with new and unique offerings can create an inclusive and memorable experience for all attendees. Remember it is a fun occasion that is all about showing school spirit and building community.

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