8 (more) Ideas to Make Homecoming Memorable

8 (more) Ideas to Make Homecoming Memorable

Alumni homecoming is usually a day-long happening often centered around an annual sporting event that brings former students back to their alma mater to reconnect, celebrate, and relive memories. Whether this is the first or the hundredth time that you celebrate homecoming, it needs to be memorable and fun for alumni, family and friends. Here are some creative, possibly new, activities that you might organize for an even more memorable homecoming:

  • Alumni Arts and Craft Fair: Showcase the creative talents of alumni artists and crafters through an art fair where they can exhibit and sell their works.
  • Campfire and Storytelling: Create a cozy setting with a campfire or bonfire where alumni can gather for storytelling and sharing memories.
  • Community Service Projects: Incorporate a day of community service, encouraging alumni to give back to the local community through volunteer work.
  • Homecoming Parade: Organize a parade with floats, bands, and alumni groups marching through campus, evoking school spirit and pride.
  • Alumni Band or Choir Performance: Invite alumni musicians and singers to perform together, showcasing their musical talents and reminding them of the “old” days.
  • Outdoor Movie Night: Set up an outdoor movie screening with a classic film or a movie that holds special significance to alumni.
  • Time Capsule Ceremony: Create a time capsule that alumni can contribute to, and have a ceremony to bury it on campus, to be opened at a future homecoming.
  • Fireside Chat with Notable Alumni: Arrange a fireside chat-style conversation among alumni or have a sing-along.

If you have other ideas for exciting homecoming activities or programs, please share them!