The Secret of Fund Raising!
Alumni Fund Raising

The Secret of Fund Raising!

For any alumni relations- big or small, getting your alumni to support in your fund raising cause and receiving huge donations from them is often an unsolved mystery.

Forget fund raising for a second. Let’s first revisit the most important theory or the fundamental basis of any alumni relations- Connect, Engage, Manage and Raise. Right from the first step, an alumnus start building relationship with its alma mater. Slowly and gradually, he starts empathizing with the vision and the future of the institute he once was a part of, which eventually prompts him to take steps for the betterment of his alma mater. Well, this is a simple right? The secret of fund raising lies in how can an institute over the course of time develops relationship with its alumni. For your alumni to resonate with your goals, you ought to first resonate with your alumni’s expectations and needs.

Now, if anybody asks- what induces alumni to get up and donate to your cause? You’re probably in the right direction to answer this question with utmost confidence.

Let’s jump to fund raising now. What campaigns will trigger maximum support from alumni and how to plan your fund raising campaigns?

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