How Alumni Engagement Can Boost Placement Support
Alumni Engagement

How Alumni Engagement Can Boost Placement Support

Have you ever wondered how many institutions have been able to seek alumni support to boost placements so easily?

The answer to the same is by engaging the alumni community on a regular basis. An engaged alumni community is a huge asset for any institution. The more engaged your alumni community is, the easier it will be for you to harness the power of the community and seek placement support from them. 

Many institutions are still facing challenges in getting sufficient alumni participation in the placement drive that institutions conduct. To solve the same we have curated a list of engagement campaigns that can encourage alumni to bring their companies for campus placements.

Here are campaigns an institution can run to boost its placement drive and bring value to the students.

1) Alumni Entrepreneurship Stories

Being an entrepreneur is a dream of many. In order to make this dream a reality, a lot of the institute’s alumni have struggled and faced challenges in their respective lives. The journey to becoming an entrepreneur and establishing a successful brand has often led to hardships and obstacles.

However, sharing the journey with the alumni community and the students can give a great amount of motivation and encouragement to the younger generation. Institutions can seek responses from alumni entrepreneurs and highlight their journey of becoming an entrepreneur on their alumni platforms.

2) Alumni Awards

Many alumni with their incessant determination and perseverance, have achieved a pinnacle and have become the face of the industry. Learning their achievements and recognizing the same among the alumni community

The institute if recognizes their talent and contributions, the alumni would feel that their contributions are being recognized and celebrated.

3) Mentorship Programs

Leverage the power of your alumni in shaping the careers of your students. Your alumni community consists of various alumni spread across various industries, locations and different levels of management. 

With the alumni sharing their experience and guiding the students and young alumni on how they can move ahead in their careers, what steps should be taken and how they can reach greater heights, the alumni mentorship program can bring great opportunities at their doorsteps.

4) Organizing Alumni Meetups

Alumni Meets and Events are considered the most celebrated event for any institution. They give alumni the opportunity to come back to the alma mater and connect with their batch mates. Alumni meets are the greatest opportunity for the alumni community to network with fellow alumni and get some great inputs. 

Organizing such meetups from time to time keep the alumni community close and strengthen their bond with the alma mater and the alumni community. The mix of fun, nostalgia and networking adds up towards building an engaged and vibrant alumni community.


All the above engagement activities can help the institution in boosting alumni participation in placements but also help in building a strong alumni database that can help the TPOs define the alumni they would like to reach out to for the purpose of placements.

As said by Mary Anne Radmacher “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” Similarly, as we open opportunities for the alumni community and give them some value, our path towards seeking alumni support becomes smooth.

Boost Your Placements! Stay Connected! Stay Strong!