Engaging Your Alumni

Does your alumni community often gets dormant? Does it take huge efforts every time you want to engage your alumni? AlmaShines solves it all for you.

Keep Alumni Up-to-Date

Does creation and circulation of newsletters seem a tedious task? Do you park a large amount of resources on these newsletters? Do you wonder how many alumni actually go through these newsletters especially curated for them? Answer all your questions with AlmaShines Alumni Platform which keeps your alumni ‘up-to-date’ about recent news, events and campaigns.

Multiple Layout Template for Alumni Website
Alumni Stories

Celebrate Alumni Stories

Do you often feel that you are out of ideas of ways to engage our alumni? Does your newsletters do not engage your alumni much? AlmaShines understands the gravity of alumni engagement and provides curated platform driven engagement campaigns which allows alumni offices to celebrate the inspirational success of alumni and make them proud of their alma mater.

Get them Professional Opportunities

Do many alumni demand the alumni office to help them in their career or seek opportunities for their growth? Showcase the privilege that your alumni are a part of vast alumni community by facilitating the exchange of professional opportunities with wide services like Jobs Board, Interest Based Groups and let it be a go to place for your alumni to get a boost in their careers.

Alumni Special Interest Groups
Connect them with Like Minded People

A synergy is built if discussions are initiated into groups formed of like minded people. Let your alumni connect with the right set of people and showcase their alumni community as a vast treasure of ultimate professional resources. 

Alumni Engagement, Simplified !

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Customers reviews

" AlmaShine has provided best solution for our Alumni Platform, and an amazing way to interact our alumni. "

Sidhharth Singh
Alumni Office Coordinator, NIU
" AlmaShines Alumni Platform has helped me a lot to build database of Alumni and is also a medium to communicate easily with alumni all over the world."

Pramod Kothmire
Alumni In-Charge, MITAOE
" A one stop solution for an institute to connect with their alumni and the response from AlmaShines is very quick and also good campaigns for alumni engagement. "
Pratik Dutta
Alumni Office Coordinator, TAPMI