Let your alumni carry the pride of their alma mater everywhere.

Digital Alumni Card

Why AlmaShines Digital Alumni Card?

Easy to Claim

It is easy to claim by requesting via the portal. No need to involve in filling any forms or convincing any authorities to issue a card anymore!

Safe to Use

Every digital alumni card comes with an attached QR code. This unique scannable code makes the digital card utmost safe, inimitable, and 100% secure. 

Globally Accessible

By simply logging into their mobile apps, alumni members can download their digital cards from anywhere in the world and at any time. 


With every single digital card issued to alumni, the database gets refreshed automatically. This way, alumni record remains updated due to a trackable digital alumni card.

Authorize Digital Cards to Your Alumni Only With a Click

Get access to all the digital cards requests made by alumni members on the admin dashboard. Decide which requests to reject on the spot via the portal. Verify the student details like name, occupation, and the batch year before accepting the request for a digital card. Find requests for alumni cards by using the search bar to insert filters like name or email. Preview the Alumni Cards through the admin dashboard before issuing them to the alumni to avoid any gaps. Also, download a list of all the pending requests for digital cards in excel/PDF format. 

Keep a Real-time Track of Issued And Rejected Cards

No need to create a separate spreadsheet for maintaining the record of accepted and rejected digital card requests. Access requests page directly from the dashboard and find two distinct sections of accepted and rejected card requests right there. Download the digital cards of accepted and/or rejected requests for your record. Send a direct message to the alumni member, in case there’s a need for interaction related to issuing the digital alumni card. 

Easy Scanning, Editing, and Blocking of iCards Made Possible

Anything from attending an event, accessing college facilities, scheduling a campus visit, it has become as easy as to only scan a QR code on the digital card. With the unique QR code, each alumni member can be rightly identified. With manageable access, alumni can edit their digital cards at any time, update information, and ultimately help keep the database updated. Also, with the iCard blocking feature, the admin can block any digital card in a second if found malicious, duplicate, or unregistered alumni. 

How it works?

For Alumni

Step 1

Sign Up/ Login on the platform.

Step 2

Claim the card from the platform.

Step 3

Receive the card on email/profile on approval by the admin.

For the Institute

Step 1

Check the card Request on Admin Dashboard

Step 2

Approve the request

Step 3

Scan the card for Alumni Verification

Request your Digital Alumni Card