Let your alumni carry the pride of their alma mater everywhere.

Digital Alumni Card

Why AlmaShines Digital Alumni Card?

Safe to Claim & Use

Carry the digital alumni card anywhere in your phone without the fear of losing it.


With the in-built QR code, be worry less of trespassers.

Easy to Use

With a simple scan, avail campus facilities, attend alumni events and more hassle free.

Global Access

Get your digital alumni card from anywhere in the world and carry the pride of alma mater with you.

Building Alumni Database

A digital alumni card helps you build your alumni database. How? Digital alumni I-cards are linked with the alumni profiles on the platform and are easily accessible by alumni across the globe in exchange of their information which means every time an alumnus gets a digital card, the information is updated in your database and so on. This allows alumni coordinators to keep their alumni information updated and build new connections, in turn grow alumni database.


Offline to Online Integration

Digital I-card eases up the process of on-campus validation by quick verification through scanning the QR code when they are visiting the alma-mater. It allows you to analyze their engagement via a single database. This enables Offline to Online Integration of all alumni activities with the alma-mater or other alumni online. For instance, an alumnus can use their digital card to attend in-person events and the same card can be used to participate in an online networking event.

Easy Alumni Engagement

It has become fairly easy for alumni to attend events, access college facilities, visit campus, etc. with digital alumni cards as they can be easily identified with a simple scan. The alumni i-cards can make event attendee tracking an automatic process and by this, you can give a boost in alumni engagement by providing various facilities to the alumni.


How it works?

For Alumni

Step 1

Sign Up/ Login on the platform.

Step 2

Claim the card from the platform.

Step 3

Receive the card on email/profile on approval by the admin.

For the Institute

Step 1

Check the card Request on Admin Dashboard

Step 2

Approve the request

Step 3

Scan the card for Alumni Verification

Request your Digital Alumni Card