Boomerang Hiring – A New Rising Recruitment Strategy & Its Benefits

Boomerang Hiring – A New Rising Recruitment Strategy & Its Benefits

Organizations are always in dire need of hiring potential candidates to fill their open positions. However, in the current times, things have turned upside down, and finding the right candidate for the job has become next to impossible. 

HR recruiters, therefore, have busted their brains to discover new strategies for seeking excellent candidates. The boomerang hiring strategy is one of the most effective recruitment strategies that HR recruiters use worldwide today. 

Even at the times of COVID-19, the boomerang strategy for hiring proved fruitful to organizations for their sustainable development. In this piece, we are going to learn about the boomerang hiring recruitment strategy, how it’s used, and reveal the top five benefits of it. 

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Meaning – The Boomerang Hiring Recruitment Strategy

Boomerang is the modish term used for identifying those corporate alumni who left the company voluntarily or for a specific reason. The boomerang recruitment strategy is a set of methods used to bring back the talented employees who left for a different number of reasons. 

Through this, the company can recognize those ex-employees who had excellent performance records and generate an influential ROI if brought back into the house.

How To Implement?

There is more than one method to ensure optimum outcomes to implement a boomerang hiring recruitment strategy. The core idea of boomerang hiring is to keep strangers away from the key jobs in any organization. 

Therefore, you can consider hiring interns for the open positions. They are no longer strangers to you as you know their work, quality offerings, and personality as well. Interns can become your first choice while implementing the boomerang hiring recruitment processes.

Secondly, you can go with the ‘no stranger referral program’ in your company. Mostly, when employees share current openings of their firm with others, they would be strangers majorly. However, you can ask them prior to only referring the key role to an ex-employee or colleague. 

Another option to avoid hiring strangers is to hire candidates on contract in the first place. Many companies hire employees for as short as three months on a contract basis. A few companies only sign a contract for a week or for the sake of project completion. In the end, prepare a final list of candidates who nailed at working with the team and fit company culture perfectly. 

Benefits of The Boomerang Hiring Recruitment Strategy

Now we know how the boomerang hiring works magic when implemented as a recruitment strategy. 

Let’s learn about its benefits to organizations one by one.

1. You Save a Tonne on Recruitment Costs

It isn’t like you have to find from thousand unknown candidates. Boomerang hires are those you already know, have worked with, and have contact sources. Such a comprehensive recruitment strategy saves a tonne on recruitment processes as you no longer need to invest in portals, outsourced recruiting help, and related resources. 

2. You Have an Upperhand Over Competitors

Your past employees might have been to one or more workplaces after they left yours. When you hire them back, they not only come with add-on experience but with competitors’ information as well. You can use your boomerang hire’s knowledge, skills, and experience to have an upper hand over your competitor. 

3. You Know The Employee Already!

Boomerang hiring is all about hiring your ex-employees and not freshers. It means you know what personality your employee has, how does he operate, what are his beliefs, his perceptions, his working style, and what not! 

The same goes for your counterpart. He knows about the company culture, operating processes, and hierarchies. Once you hire a boomerang employee, there’s no waste of time introducing things to each other. It’s all about working, working, and working! 

4. You Benefit From Boomerang Employee’s Upscaled Skills

Once left your organization doesn’t mean the employee has stopped working. Boomerang hire comes with a full package of upscaled skills, fresh perspectives, new visions, recent connections, and broadened viewpoints. In a few scenarios, the boomerang hires, along with polished skills, bring back the customers, too, in the company. 

5. You Receive a Doubled Rate of Loyalty This Time 

Why would any employee return to your company? The answer is simple – because they trust you. Besides monetary and non-monetary benefits, all employees across the globe look for an organization to work with which they can trust completely. When you implement boomerang hiring, only those employees who are ready to trust you for the second time will come back. That’s why you can expect a doubled rate of loyalty from them this time! 

Wrapping It Up

It isn’t like nobody knows about the boomerang hiring recruitment strategy. The thing is, it’s preferable because it saves time, money, and manpower. There is no harm in giving a shot to the boomerang hiring recruitment strategy when you already know all its advantages. 

Just remember one thing, while carefully implementing it, look for how fast you are getting qualified candidates for the open role. It will automatically make everything clear about the success or failure of implementing such a brilliant recruitment strategy.