Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) – The Story of Flawlessly Connecting With 89% of Its Alumni Via a Portal

Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH)


Erected in 1988, the Birla Institute of Management Technology stands tall with pride in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The institution grew with the blessings of the Birla group of companies and under the aegis of the Birla Academy of Art and Culture. The entire residential campus of BIMTECH depicts a mini India with students accumulated from across all the regions of the nation and diverse cultures. 



The student base of Birla is huge, and so is the count of its alumni members. Irrespective of the fact that today Birla has an impactful network of 6,600 alumni. However, the institute faced a lot of challenges in terms of alumni connection.  

For starters, BIMTECH was unable to maintain an up-to-date alumni database. BIMTECH was helpless to ensure a streamlined online engagement of alumni members. Because of this, the events and activities always had a low participation rate. Besides this, the alumni office of BIMTECH was unable to trace their alumni presence in the current corporate world.



To get rid of all these troubles, grow their productivity, and increase their power to build better alumni connections, Birla started looking for an alumni engagement platform that can;

  • Help to keep the database up-to-date
  • Boost alumni meet participation
  • Grow online alumni engagement 
  • Generate reports based on alumni demographics
  • Help to track the lost alumni

Today, it has been four years already of implementing alumni best practices via the BIMTECH alumni engagement platform powered by AlmaShines. 

After going live, the alumni engagement platform had done nothing but helped BIMTECH with 

  • Alumni connections,
  • Alumni engagement, and
  • Alumni participation

With the Almashines’ alumni engagement platform, BIMTECH was able to achieve the following outcomes because of the right technology:


Key Outcomes

  1. Strong alumni connections – Have connected with 89% of its alumni community already

  2. Increased active users – Have ensured 81% of the alumni community members use the alumni engagement platform actively

  3. Boosted alumni participation – Have raised the alumni to meet participation rate up by 70%

  4. Real-time alumni tracking – Have already tracked alumni from over 120 eminent organizations.
  5. Found lost alumni– Have successfully launched batch ambassador program to track lost alumni 


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