GCE Salem Grew 3,000 Alumni Strong in a Year!

GCE Salem Grew 3,000 Alumni Strong in a Year!

Encircled by hills, The Government College of Engineering, Salem is the third gov-established engineering college in Tamilnadu. With its first batch elected in 1966, GCE has grown to offer 6 UG and 6 PG programs to date. Supported by World Bank Financial Assistance, GCE receives funds worth 17.5 crores under TEQIP phase II and 7.0 crores under TEQIP Phase III. 

In these glorious 55 years of the journey of GCE, Salem, 25,000 alumni have already completed the engineering courses and enjoyed related facilities at the campus. The institution was stretching every bit to engage their alumni but somehow faced challenges due to multiple reasons. For a few years now, GCE had no means to engage their alumni and create their streamlined database. Along with these two issues, GCE had;

  • Weak alumni participation in association-launched initiatives
  • Low participation in membership programs
  • No channel of formal communication
  • No infrastructure for online transactions
  • A large number of untraceable alumni

GCE was managing alumni data manually with the help of excel sheets. However, it was quite challenging for them to manage a streamlined record of 25,000 alumni members without any automated platform. 

No sooner did they realize these gaps, they invested in a technology-driven portal powered by Almashines on 1st July 2020. They expected to have an alumni platform that would help them: 

  • Track and update alumni information
  • Communicate with the entire alumni mass 
  • Plan and manage alumni activities
  • Engage alumni to boost membership
  • Reflect the value of membership programs
  • Integrate with payment gateways for receiving funds online

With the personalized portal, GCE started integrating its offline alumni data with the online platform. They started planning and organizing alumni activities and promoted them via email and social media channels. Moreover, with the unified payment gateways on the platform, the university was able to generate fund traction from their alumni in no time. 

Key Outcomes

1. Updated database: Have added 3,447 members to their alumni database from scratch in just 1 year.

2. Encouraged fundraising: Have added INR 28 Lakhs via membership enrollments in their corpus.

3. Organized virtual events: Have successfully organized numerous virtual alumni events through the platform.



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