Strategic Approach in Growing Alumni Database by Ahmedabad University

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IHaving its roots back in 1999, Ahmedabad University is one of the largest private universities in Ahmedabad set by Ahmedabad Education Society, a non-profit educational trust. Comprising four schools under it, the university has huge alumni database located all over the world.


With growing alumni base each year, Ahmedabad University had lost track of all its older alumni. They wanted to connect and keep a track of their long-lost alumni. However, it wasn’t scalable for them to get in touch with all its alumni because of lack of updated alumni information.

How did AU grow its Alumni Database by 50%?

In Nov 2017, Ahmedabad University partnered up with AlmaShines with a goal to connect to its long-lost alumni. They started the journey on AlmaShines Alumni Platform with approximately 6000 alumni base.

1st Three Months:

The university planned multiple engagement campaigns to revive the enthusiasm amongst the alumni and put rigorous efforts to boost alumni participation. On the other hand, alumni were overwhelmed to get back to its alma mater and started getting active on the platform. The engagement activities on the platform were very well received and responded by the alumni. They started inviting their fellow friends to join the platform and form a larger alumni group on the platform. With strong reach out through Social Media and Peer-to-Peer Invitation, AU witnessed a rapid growth in its alumni community which now grew to around 8000 alumni. These alumni got committed to their alma mater and participated in all alumni events.

Year 2018:

With the growing alumni community, AU wanted to serve to its alumni who sought value out of their relationship with the alma mater. In order to cater to this mass, AU through the platform provided opportunities of Professional Networking and Jobs. Job providers within the alumni community connected with the job seekers and jobs were created. Alumni were excited and enthusiastic towards their meaningful relationship with the alumni. With this, in the year 2018, AU’s alumni community rose to odd 10,000 alumni.

Year 2019:

Ahmedabad University realised that more alumni are connected with the right kind of engagement which was effortless and effective through the platform. Huge alumni community comprises of lot many alumni who have contributed exceptionally in their professional fields or socially and made their alma mater proud. To recognize their contributions and achievements, AU run a campaign to celebrate the exceptional contributions of its fellow alumni which elevated alumni’s enthusiasm and participate to a full throttle. The number of active alumni on the platform rose and alumni started participating in the events. They started sharing the same on their social media accounts which created a hype and a sense of excitement. The alumni community was now grown to almost 12000 alumni.

Seeing an overwhelming response from the alumni, Ahmedabad University planned a grand reunion for all its schools in January 2020 which was attended massively and appreciated by the alumni.

Ashwini Rajvaidya

Ashwini Rajvaidya

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