Brainware University – An Early-bird Institution That Invested Thoughtfully in Its Alumni Relations Right From The Beginning

Brainware University


Brainware University is the brainchild of a 32-year old educational group, Brainware Group of Institutions in West Bengal, Kolkata. Mr. Phalguni Mookhopadhayay conceived it like a baby after the West Bengal Assembly passed the Brainware University bill in 2015 to date. In a short span of just five years from 2016 after its establishment, Brainware has become successful in getting ranked third best private university in West Bengal. 

Brainware University offers over 60 Ph.D., PG, UG, Diploma, and Skills programs on its lush green campus sprawling over nines acres of land. Brainware University has worked impressively by placing 90% of its students in 2018 with the help of nation-leading employers like Amazon, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Adobe, BYJU’s, and Pinnacle. By 2021, the university expects this ratio to increase and reach 100%. 



Despite being an early bird university and having a limited number of alumni through these years, Brainware aspired to build its alumni community from the start. They knew that with an alumni community, they would:



No sooner did Brainware realized the right time to invest in a thoughtful alumni portal, they collaborated with Almashines. The best part about it was that the institution was onboarded in just two days! 

Brainware university expected to install an alumni platform that can help it;

  • Onboard every single alumnus that has passed from Brainware recently or a few years back. 
  • Organize virtual meetings and events for alumni easily without much hassle. 
  • Offer help and extend support to all the alumni members related to their alma mater in every way. 
  • Rollout campaigns to seek alumni participation and enable everyone to be in touch with each other forever. 


Key Outcomes

1. Connecting with alumni – Within a week of implementing Almashines’ alumni portal, Brainware connected with 98% of its alumni members. 

2. Engaging alumni quickly – With the alumni platform, Brainware was able to engage 95% of its alumni better and faster. Today there are 465 registered and verified user profiles on its official alumni platform including students and alumni. 

3. Applying for an association – With the help of data extracted using the alumni portal powered by Almashines, Brainware was able to apply for registering its Alumni Association.

4. Organizing virtual meets – In the pandemic situation, Brainware organized several virtual alumni meets to keep the community alive on the digital platform. 



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