Birla Institute of Technology Pleads to Boost Its Alumni Engagement With Each Passing Day

Birla Institue of Technology -almashines

Birla Institute of Technology was established in 1955 by the nation-leading industrialist – Sir Basantkumar Birla in Mesra, Ranchi. The 66-year-old private university has an alumni base worth thousands and lakhs, including a few notable alumni members like Madhavan Chandradathan and Shree K. Nayar

In 2019, the official alumni platform of Birla Institute of Technology powered by Almashines was launched in the light of making a positive impact in the lives of all the alumni community members. 

Recently, Parth Thosani from the team Almashines was opportune to have a chance to interact with Mr. Vishal Shah,  Associate Dean (Alumni & International Relations), BIT, Mesra, to discuss their successful steps to acquire NIRF rank and the role played by their alumni in making this happen for the institution. 

Mr. Vishal Shah, Associate Dean (Alumni & International Relations), BIT, Mesra, feels that the digital alumni portal has been specially launched to extend the greatest support to the institute’s alumni and receive the most comprehensive help from alumni to nurture, foster, and develop its current students. 

On asking about what strategies currently the institute is employing to keep securing higher and higher ranks on the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) list, Mr. Shah replied, “Perception is what all matters to us. We perceive an opportunity in everything and leverage it to fetch the maximum fruitful results of all. That’s our core strategy for all the success”

He further added, “After implementing the Almashines Alumni Portal, we have done nothing but grow bigger and better. Alumni engagement is at its peak. Our alumni members are sponsoring international summer internships of the current students to the USA. If that’s not an extraordinary accomplishment for an institute, then I don’t know what else is!”

Moreover, Vishal has an eagle’s eye on his vision to make the most out of the social media channels of the institution in the coming months. He said, “We are going to focus on creating engaging content over social media handles to grab the attention of our alumni and be in the spotlight forever.”

Towards the end, Vishal thanks Almashines for providing such an excellent tool to flourish their alumni community and extended support. He expects to collaborate with leading educational institutions that are already doing their best to strengthen their alumni communities with the help of Almashines. Mr. Shah feels, “Being together, we can all grow not faster but better.”



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