Alumni Database

Still Managing Alumni Database on excels and ERPs? Manage Alumni Database Effortlessly

Alumni Database

Still Managing Alumni Database on excels and ERPs? Manage Alumni Dtabase Effortlessly

Integrated Alumni Profiles

In their busy lives, alumni tend to miss out on updating their information on the alumni portal. The ‘Integrated Alumni Profiles’ feature lets alumni link their social media accounts with the platform which facilitates auto-updating the same on AlmaShines Alumni Platform. An Alumni can update his profile himself from the portal in just 10 seconds, which eliminates the hassle of manually updating the profile of every alumni by the alumni coordinators.

Alumni Groups
Alumni Directory

Filter Based Directory

Every institution takes great pride in recognising the presence of their alumni across the globe, in various industries and professions. However, it gets equally challenging to track their coordinates. With Alumni Directory, you can track and locate your alumni by applying various geographical and professional filters spanning over their graduation year to the organisation they are working in.

Alumni Authentication

The essence of an alumni community lies only when it has genuine alumni members. AlmaShines understands this very well and hence has created a robust alumni authentication protocol that allows you to authorize the alumni to access the platform by accepting their registration; thereby making it a tremendously cherishable environment for every registered alumni.

Alumni Authentication
Admin Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be magical to keep a track of all alumni who have been active, what they have been up to, how did your last communication perform, all on a single dashboard? We create the same magic for you on Analytics Dashboard where you can now keep a track of all alumni activities, attendees for various alumni events and contributions made in alumni fundraising campaigns and a lot more to give you a holistic view of the alumni community.

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