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Synchronized Profiles

In their busy lives, alumni tend to miss out on updating their information on the alumni portal. The ‘Synchronized Profiles’ feature lets alumni link their social media accounts with the platform which facilitates auto-updating the same on AlmaShines Alumni Platform. An Alumni can update his profile himself from the portal in just 10 seconds, which eliminates the hassle of manually updating the profile of every alumni by the alumni coordinators.

Alumni Groups


Alumni are very excited to connect to their fellow classmates and walk down the memory lane. With ‘Yearbook’, let your alumni connect with their long-lost friends easily and cherish the bond. 

Alumni Membership

Managing the alumni membership and its varieties has always been a complicated task. With ‘Membership Module’, managing your various memberships will be very flexible. Plan member-oriented campaigns, provides additional benefits to lifetime members and more, all manageable centrally and grow your member base effectively.

Admin Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be magical to keep a track of all alumni who have been active, what they have been up to, where are they located, which organization they work in, how did your last communication perform, all on a single dashboard? ‘Analytics Dashboard’ creates the same magic for you by letting you build an online alumni directory with various professional and geographical filters.

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