7 Reasons Why Alumni Offices Must Have Alumni Mobile App for Better Relations
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7 Reasons Why Alumni Offices Must Have Alumni Mobile App for Better Relations

In this digital age, there’s a mobile application for everything – food, apparel, electronics, and home décor. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store have 2.87 million and 1.96 million apps, respectively. There are several reasons for the popularity of mobile apps.

Since smartphones host these mobile apps, they are always available for use. Students and alumni too, use apps for scanning boarding passes, book an Uber, transfer money, and shop online.

This is why Alumni Offices must have an alumni mobile app to facilitate communication irrespective of the geographic location. Besides, your alumni app can be an instant source of information that they can access with just a few clicks!

This blog post sheds light on the benefits of using the alumni connect app and its advantages over alumni websites.

1.    Boost Alumni Contributions

Did you know that the number of mobile devices has overtaken the entire human population on Earth?

With the help of the alumni mobile app, the information about the latest events and updates are easily accessible.

Faster communication will lead to prompt donations and successful fund drives thereby boosting alumni contributions.

Moreover, when you always keep alumni in the loop, they feel valued.  

2.    Keep Your Alumni Informed

Through an effective alumni network platform, you can send notifications about reunions and other important virtual alumni events.

Apart from that, you can send alerts regarding what’s new in your college community to keep your alumni informed. Whenever there’s a new career opportunity, you can share it with your alumni network almost instantaneously.

3.    Stay Connected with the Alumni Community App

The recent graduates are more likely to be app-friendly. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize an alumni community app that they can access anytime, anywhere. When it comes to staying connected with your alumni, emails are not that effective.

On the other hand, they are more likely to open the notifications received via the alumni mobile app. It’s probably not wise to bifurcate app usage based on age. It is because many seniors do prefer using mobile apps for communication.

Therefore, network opportunities via the alumni app can prove to be a game-changer for alumni of all ages. After all, change is the only constant, right?

4.    Strengthen Relations with Alumni

Communication is the key to strengthen professional relationships. To be more specific, it’s the timely communication that can help build professional connections between alumni and students.

It’s not always practical to log into the website and respond to chats on the go. An alumni mobile app fills that gap by encouraging prompt interactions.

That said, simply encouraging the alumni to download the app won’t cut it. For them to register themselves on the app and engage on the alumni network platform,you should carry out creative engagement events.

5.    Use Feedback Solicitation

One of the biggest advantages of using an alumni mobile app is collecting feedback using in-app surveys. Feedback solicitation is the best way to let your alumni know that their opinions are valued.

Their responses will act as important resources for determining creative ways to improve the alumni experience further. This is not something that is usually found in conventional web conferencing apps.

Hence, an appropriate alumni app can help you stay on top of the game!

6.    Leverage Faster Speed of Alumni Mobile App

 Websites have an overhead of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS while there is no such case with an alumni mobile app. That makes it faster compared to websites.

Another reason is that websites use web servers to store data. On the other hand, apps locally store the data on mobile devices. As a result, the retrieval of information occurs swiftly in apps as opposed to websites.

Besides, apps offer better personalization since they can store user preferences.

7.    Access Device Capabilities

Unlike websites, mobile apps can leverage devise capabilities such as location, GPS, and camera. By allowing access to these built-in features, alumni can enjoy a more convenient and personalized experience.

For instance, if you organize a virtual photo contest, your students and alumni can share their pictures via the app. Apart from that, if they want, they can share the location of which part of the world they reside in.

The users also enjoy the more intuitive interface offered by the mobile app compared to websites.

Why Should I Choose a Provider?

That’s a fair question. While it’s true that your students can develop the alumni app themselves, they may face issues during implementation, support, and maintenance.

There’s a lot that goes into app development and it does not end with launch. Not only do you need to design an interactive user interface but also handle the backend details.

Even after the launch of your alumni mobile app, you will have to identify and fix bugs that may creep in occasionally.

Therefore, hiring a professional like AlmaShines that specializes in innovative alumni engagement can prove to be a game-changer for your institute. The results obtained thereafter will certainly be best-in-class.

Features of AlmaShines Mobile App

By leveraging the AlmaShines mobile app, you can expect quick alumni response and participation through instant notifications.

Besides, AlmaShines alumni app offers easy access across devices. You play an active part in the app development process where we incorporate your vision, need, and preferences into the app!


Instead of a traditional web conferencing app, using a mobile app that’s exclusively developed for alumni can offer you the above listed benefits.

Through an alumni mobile app, you can better your prospects of receiving timely donations and thus ensure financial security.

Given the explosive increase in the number of mobile devices, now is the time for transitioning to online alumni engagement activities. Have more questions? Schedule a call with our expert and get all your queries answered. We will create a clear roadmap that will help you ensure strong alumni engagement and all the benefits that come with it!