6 Must-haves educational software for K–12 Schools

6 Must-haves educational software for K–12 Schools

There is no comparison to traditional classroom one-on-one learning, where teachers and students directly interact. However, the COVID-19 pandemic completely disrupted learning concepts. 

Although progressive and proactive schools had already been using educational software for schools in the pre-pandemic era to bring in better learning facilities for their students, the pandemic accelerated the process. And while schools are opening up, the educational fraternity, especially in India, gradually is understanding and accepting the importance of having educational software for schools. 

While there are many educational software for schools in India, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the ones that are best suited for your schools, especially if your institution is contemplating investing in them for the first time. So, we have rounded up the best educational software for schools for you. 

Best educational software for K-12 Schools 

1. Student management system like Teachmint 

Our top list of educational software for schools in India would include integration with student management software. This robust system has all your student information up-to-date, timetable, and curriculum covered on a day-to-day basis, creating a seamless digital learning experience. A student management software is more like mirroring your traditional school framework in a digital framework for a better learning experience. 

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2. Parent communication app like Hello Parent 

Timely parent communication is a critical factor when it comes to parent engagement for schools. Continuous reporting and feedback, highlighting areas of improvement, and class performance updates about the students to their parents can help teachers and parents collaborate better for the student’s overall success. 

3. Video conferencing apps like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams 

The pandemic has taught us the hard way why it is important to have a solid video conferencing facility. From school management meetings to online classes, video conferencing has been a major game-changer in the last two years. Having software that lets you integrate your existing learning management platform to a video conferencing platform can make the entire school operations a seamless experience. 

4. Virtual classroom/collaborative spaces like Google Classroom 

Like physical classrooms, students need virtual classrooms and collaborative spaces to safely participate and connect with their teachers and classmates for sharing thoughts and enjoying an enriching learning experience. 

5. School ERP like e-School ERP 

Especially for small and large educational institutes, school ERP is vital for managing administrative and academic tasks. The school management software has features like a biometric attendance system, fee collection, community engagement, teacher-parent engagement and communication and transport management among many others.

#6. An all-in-one school community portal like Almashines 

A digital school community portal fosters clear, open, and transparent communication between students, teachers, parents, and all the other stakeholders. Connected school community serve as one open platform to publish all the important announcements, assessment calendars, upcoming school events, directives for the parents, and more. 

Almashines also facilitates alumni relationship management 

Alumni relationship management software is an essential aspect of the educational system for K12 schools. Well-connected alumni can guide your students better, serve as your biggest brand ambassador and guide the parents to make informed decisions about their children. 

Instead of buying multiple software for your school, Almashines serves as an all-in-one school management software for both small and large institutions. 

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India’s new-age schooling and education system have evolved and grown beyond the traditional school system. Today, teachers, parents, and educators look for various means to create a holistic learning experience. So for schools, this is the right time to invest in educational software to take their offerings to the next level. 

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