5 Reasons Why You Must Use an Alumni Management Software for your Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations

5 Reasons Why You Must Use an Alumni Management Software for your Alumni Relations

More and more institutions are now switching their alumni relations
management from using traditional tools like excel sheets, Mailchimp, google
forms, etc. to advance alumni management software. Why? For anyone with a small
alumni community, managing alumni relations using traditional tools is feasible
but as the community grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to:

  • Keep a track of your alumni relations growth
  • Manage a centralized alumni database
  • Synchronize multiple tools for smooth communication and alumni outreach, etc.

With an advanced alumni management platform, institutes have found it extremely convenient and effortless to build and grow their alumni relations. 

Reasons to Use an Alumni
Management Software for your Alumni Relations

1.All-in-one Alumni Management Software: With powerful platform integrations with social media, Mailing Engines, Payment Gateways, etc., alumni management software eliminates the need of using multiple tools (excel sheets, google forms, etc.) to manage your alumni relations. It is extremely flexible to send mail, build your database, receive & accept funds, post on social media, invite connections, etc. from a single point. Alumni Management Software serves as a single point of building & managing connections with your alumni. Besides this, you can manage your alumni database, build engagement, create alumni events, job opportunities, and raise funds, all on a single alumni platform.

2. Automation that eliminates manual efforts: Built with powerful technology, an alumni management software automates most of your tasks like creating emails, updating alumni information, creating events, etc. which only adds more time to plan alumni engagement strategies and build a strong alumni community.  For example, imagine the amount hours you spend in a week just updating alumni information and how easy it becomes for you when the same information is updated automatically with an alumni platform! That’s the power of an alumni management software.

University of Western Macedonia, Greece grew their alumni database by 50% in just 1 month with automation on AlmaShines Alumni Management Software

3. Powerful Analytics: Alumni Management Software comes with powerful analytics that informs you about how well your alumni relations efforts are! There’re numerous alumni data sorting filters based on profession, geography, interests, etc. With analytics, you can have an idea of how many new alumni connections you built this month or week, how many alumni are active on the alumni platform, what are their preferences, which alumni engagement campaign do they respond to, which alumni contributed the most, which batch contributed the most, how many alumni participate in the placement services, etc. All these analyses become very difficult if you’ve to do it manually whereas the alumni management software is equipped with all of these.

4. Return on Investment: An alumni platform or alumni management software is generally considered costly with institutions cribbing about alumni relations budget issues. How much are multiple tools that you use in alumni office costs you in total and what is the outcome?

Investing in an Alumni Management Software will give you better ROI than using multiple tools. You’ll spending the same money will a better outcome.

Isn’t this the biggest reason for you to consider using an alumni management software?

5. Better Control of Alumni Relations: With a centralized management, you can get a better control of your alumni relations, better manage multiple outreach channels, engagement campaigns, plan alumni events, etc. With a small alumni relations team, you can do wonders and build your alumni community effortlessly.

Having discussed about few advantages & reasons of using an alumni
management software, AlmaShines Alumni Platform is an all-in-one fully automated alumni management software which helps you:

  • Build & grow your alumni database automatically
  • Boost alumni engagement by adding platform driven
    engagement campaigns
  • Boost alumni placements, mentorship &
  • Plan & organize successful alumni events with
    more alumni participation
  • Raise funds from alumni and manage multiple
    fundraisers together
  • Provide powerful analytics of your alumni relations

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