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Do you have many unreachable alumni? Does your alumni database often gets outdated? Does it take exceptional “excel” skills to manage? AlmaShines solves it all for you.

Find Lost Alumni

One of the key challenges remains in finding alumni who has been long lost. Harness the power of two biggest channels to boost alumni users on the platform; Peer-to-peer Invitation and Social Media reachout and grow your active alumni base who can be further engaged to develop meaningful relationship with them.

Find Lost Alumni
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Manage Alumni Profiles

As alumni base grows, managing their profiles and updates is challenging. With AlmaShines, you can handle these tedious tasks in a hassle free manner by sending automated follow-ups and encouraging alumni to synchronize their profiles with social media which allows automatic updation of alumni profiles and avoids working on redundant tasks. 

Analyze Alumni Trends

More the alumni data, more complicated it gets to analyze the data to use it for your further planning. AlmaShines allows you to manage it all on your platform and serves you with robust and in-depth analytics which you might need to grow your alumni engagement. Use interactive reports and dashboard to constantly monitor and evaluate alumni activities.

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Analyze Alumni Trends

Use interactive reports and dashboards available on AlmaShines Alumni Platform to constantly monitor and evaluate alumni registrations, alumni participation and data enhancement campaigns of the institute’s alumni community. Use suggested filters and search options to get access to varied analytics based on career, geographical, on-platform alumni activities etc.

Managing Alumni Database, Simplified !

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Customers reviews

" AlmaShine has provided best solution for our Alumni Platform, and an amazing way to interact our alumni. "

Sidhharth Singh
Alumni Office Coordinator, NIU
" A one stop solution for an institute to connect with their alumni and the response from AlmaShines is very quick and also good campaigns for alumni engagement. "
Pratik Dutta
Alumni Office Coordinator, TAPMI
"Almashines has a great customer support team. Their suggestions are valuable, their implementation is quick and their response time is impressive. "

Akriti Asthana
Alumni Relations Officer, Ashoka University