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Alumni Champion Talks

There is NO registration fee for attending the talk series. Did you grab your free seat already?

Alumni Champion Talks (ACT) is a unique platform where you will get a chance to interact with some of the most influential alumni relations experts. The talk series will give you exposure in terms of various ways and methods that boosts alumni relations management. It is definitely worth attending along with your ‘Dalgona Coffee’.

Yes, you will receive the recorded sessions on your registered email ID

Yes. You’ll receive a ‘certificate’ of participation for attending all the sessions of Alumni Champion Talks.

All the 5 Sessions of Alumni Champion Talks are conducted over a ‘Virtual Meeting Platform’

Covid Initiatives

If the institute decides to proceed with their subscription to the AlmaShines Alumni Platform post 15th June, their platform would remain active. The institute would be expected to choose which package they would like to subscribe to, following which they would receive a customer agreement to be signed between the institute and AlmaShines Technologies to formalize our partnership.

If the institute decides to discontinue with the AlmaShines Alumni Platform post 15th June, they will have the facility to extract all their alumni data from the platform and their community will be deactivated till such a time in the future when they decide to subscribe to AlmaShines’ services again.

The User Data, i.e. the information about the members of the community remains the property of the institute. Data shared at the time of set-up is stored on the servers of Almashines and hence, Almashines shall take all security measures necessary to meet the industry standards in this context. Institute must have the right to extract the user data. AlmaShines shall commit that the user data shall be managed and handled carefully and shall not be shared with any third party.

Almashines shall provide for the security of the data created or consumed by all the users. Almashines shall also ensure that the user data shall not be leaked to any third party. Institute also understands the importance of maintaining the privacy of user data, hence they shall as well take the necessary measures to protect the same.

As a part of this program, each institute would have access to a platform equipped with the facilities of the Pro Package. Within this, the community would have all advanced engagement modules and up to 8000 registered alumni available. If you have a larger community and would like to participate in this program, please write to us at

To opt-in to this campaign, please fill in this form and our alumni relations consultant shall assist you with the steps ahead.

Institute Admin

Anyone who is an alumni coordinator including faculty members, placement committee holder and alumni office member

Admin can exercise a lot of rights on the platform including authenticating alumni, creating campaigns for events and fund raisers, job posting, extracting alumni database and distribute right to other admin.

The portal is an easy to use platform which can be smoothly managed by a single coordinator

Alumni Platform is easy to manage by all alumni coordinators


Indian clients can make payment via RTGS, NEFT and cheque whereas International clients can make payment via PayPal

Other than the package cost, other cost is the cost of setting up the portal

Yes. The pricing package is customizable. Institutions can take additional modules for addtional module cost with primary package

Yes. The pricing packages are formed considering both- number of alumni and range of features.

Payment Gateway

Razor pay and Paytm are the payment gateways available for Indian clients whereas for international clients, M-Pesa and PayPal are available

Within 3-4 working days

Yes. All international payments can be transferred in USD.

Set-up & Onboarding

A full fledged training is given only once to the clients as soon as the portal set up is completed.

Yes. Training is provided to all the clients who are onboarding with AlmaShines Alumni Platform for the first time

The platform will be set up between 7-15 days after the relevant data provided by the institute

The client once onboarded is provided product training, facilitating their alumni data migration and the home page of the platform is customized




The turnaround time for on-mail assistance is as low as 4 hrs (for critial cases) to 24 hours depending upon the urgency.

A dedicated on-mail support is available for booster package. You can drop an email for any query and we would be happy to assist you.