Top Five Examples of Responsive Alumni Website You Can Get Inspired From

Top Five Examples of Responsive Alumni Website You Can Get Inspired From

Bringing all the alumni together these days has become challenging for institutions. In our recent poll, 67% of alumni committed that it has been over 180 days since they have connected with/heard from their alma mater. Sad but true. 

However, after realizing the needs, educational institutions have started establishing an online presence for their alumni community. Through technology-driven portals and automated best alumni websites, institutions have made quite a lot of progress. 

But, building a responsive alumni websites is no joke. You need to make it exceptional with super important features to offer value to your alumni community. If your alumni websites isn’t working wonders or you think it’s time to revamp, you are reading right. 

We have compiled the top five examples of the responsive alumni websites you can get inspired from here. 

Let’s catch a glimpse! 

1. Notre Dame University

“Welcome to the new myNotreDame” is the first line you see on the sophisticated alumni website of Notre Dame. The university has played the alumni websites game right by adding flavors, colors, and elements, all in minimalistic hues. 

We love Notre Dame’s alumni website for the following reasons:

  • Its sense of nostalgia with animated background and audio effects.
  • Its alumni-friendly way of representing facts, figures, and features. 
  • Its website theme of ‘alumni & friends’ for building bonds with each other. 

2. University of Michigan

The alumni website of the University of Michigan is an inspiration for all. From boasting its presence in 179 countries to having 114 clubs worldwide, they have done it just right. With their concept of ‘Go Blue,’ the University of Michigan has already won the hearts of their alumni and us! 

We love the University of Michigan’s alumni website for the following reasons:

  • Its crystal clear calls to action for alumni to join regional chapters.
  • Its events calendar overview for the members. 
  • Its map-view showing global alumni events in respective towns or countries. 

3. Wheaton College

While putting forward its alumni association, Wheaton college has perfectly addressed their alumni to engage on their alumni website. Wheaton knows what its alumni would love, and it serves the exact same through its responsive alumni website.

We love Wheaton College’s alumni website for the following reasons:

  • Its engaging home page content to never let any alumnus get disappointed. 
  • Its easily accessible and category-wise alumni resources. 
  • Its online nomination feature for advanced alumni engagement. 
Top Five Examples of Responsive Alumni Website

4. Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo, as it is, the college of liberal arts, artistically creates content and website elements that convert.  The college has set the mindsets of its alumni correctly to accept that college experience never ends through its alumni website. Kalamazoo has created an excellent environment of continuous learning and lifetime connection. 

We love Kalamazoo College’s alumni website for the following reasons:

  • Its constant efforts to invite alumni to connect with their alma mater via social media. 
  • Its idea to enable alumni to make connections on K’s alumni website.
  • Its initiative to inspire alumni to make a difference by becoming a mentor, recruiter, volunteer, or contributor. 
Top Five Examples of Responsive Alumni Website You Can Get Inspired From

5. Vassar College

Vassar college always evokes a sense of alumni community by sharing the stories of proud alumni on its alumni website. Vassar never lacks in highlighting how these alumni are still connected with their alma mater and keep their alumni in the spotlight. They remind alumni to use college resources limitlessly and make them an educational leader and the biggest alumni supporter in the nation. 

We love Vassar College’s alumni website for the following reasons:

  • Its alumni spotlight section to keep college alumni in the center. 
  • Its straightforward navigation to each alumni website element. 
  • Its attractive cover image celebrating college anniversaries every time. 

In The End

Making a responsive alumni website is the dream of every school, college, and corporation. Not all but a few can make it possible in real life. If you are looking for a company that can help you build a responsive alumni website just like these five you must consider AlmaShines for once. Drop your contact details here and we will get in touch super soon.



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