5 Virtual Alumni Meet Ideas to Boost Alumni Participation

Planning and conducting a triumphant alumni meet is no joke. It takes innumerable hours, teamwork, and a lot of patience to organize an alumni meet. With technology, resources, and a student-professor team, institutions are now capable of organizing successful alumni

5 Hacks To Ensure Your Alumni Meet Becomes The Most Memorable One

Everything works wonders if planned properly and precisely. Whether it is a birthday party or an alumni meet, you should know its dos and don'ts to have an excellent overall experience. Hiring a birthday party planner can make your tasks

Alumni Meet
Are You Organizing These 7 Types of Alumni Meets?

Alumni Meet is an experience for both the institute and its alumni. Institutions want to re-connect to their alumni for numerous reasons and occasions. The type of alumni meet depends on what occasion is the institution inviting its past students

Tremendous Benefits of Organizing an Alumni Reunion

An Institution’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future Alumni Reunion is a great way to relive the past by getting nostalgic & reminiscing good old days with former classmates and Alma mater.