5 Alumni Relations Best Practices To Build Forever-lasting Bonds With Alumni
5 Alumni Relations Best Practices To Build Forever-lasting Bonds With Alumni

With changing times, universities have started valuing their alumni. Whether it is for bringing in tangible assets (funds, career guidance to current students, etc.) or creating a network of past & present students, it's no secret that institutions are busy

5 Reasons Why You Must Use an Alumni Management Software for your Alumni Relations

More and more institutions are now switching their alumni relations management from using traditional tools like excel sheets, Mailchimp, google forms, etc. to advance alumni management software. Why? For anyone with a small alumni community, managing alumni relations using traditional

Building a Strong Alumni Network in 100 Days!

Building a Strong Alumni Network is Simple, If We Understand What Lies Behind It! All of us know what a strong alumni network can fetch to our institutions in terms of recognition, brand visibility, donations & gifts, in-house support, etc.

Factors to keep in mind while unleasing the power of Young Alumni

Whenever we talk about alumni relations, we focus on how senior alumni provides tremendous benefits to the institutions including career support and fund raising. We tend to overlook the power of young alumni who have been recently graduated or may

Young Alumni and Technology
Why Institutions are Switching Over to Technology at a Younger Stage to Manage Strong Alumni Relations?

To start with, let’s go through some misconceptions built around using technology for alumni relations and understand how technology is a catalyst rather than a barrier to strong alumni relations especially for younger institutions: Technology for Alumni Relations is meant

Alumni Relations
Evolving Alumni for Institutional Advancement; an Upward Sloping Graph

We all agree that Alumni Relations is one of the key pillars to institutional advancement besides the other three- Public Relations, Publications and Development. The mission and vision of advancement offices are being backed by and carried forward by the

The DERF Theory
DERF Theory- Secret to Building Your Strong Alumni Network

Alumni Network is becoming a bigger part of institutions with growing alumni base every year. Alumni offices work dedicatedly towards building meaningful relationship with the alumni and growing its alumni community. The four main pillars of strong alumni relations are:

Make Your Alumni Office Virtual and Manage Alumni Relations Easily! (1)
How to Make a Virtual Alumni Office for Your Institution?

As graduates of the institution, alumni have a special connection with the university. Harnessing the same, it is very necessary for the institutions to stay closely connected with their alumni community, no matter what comes. During certain unavoidable situations, like

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Reducing Manual Efforts in Managing Alumni Relations with Technology!

Managing Alumni Relations has been important for all institutes for the past 250 years now and with every improvement in technology, we learn to manage alumni relations better. From managing alumni database in hard copies to digitalising the same on