5 Hacks To Grow Alumni Engagement With A Powerful Technology

Social Media Platforms Alone Cannot Boost Your Alumni Engagement Alumni engagement is not time-specific, it is a continuous process of inviting your alumni participation and interactions. Alumni engagement differs from platform to platform. Alumni engagement can be done with multiple

Alumni Engagement
Building Alumni Engagement Strategy: Alumni-Stage Wise

Alumni Engagement is like a maze; there’s no shortcut to the final destination. Few of the misconceptions for alumni engagement are: There’s not much effort required to keep the alumni engaged as they are already a part of the institute.

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5 Ways to Boost Alumni Volunteer Participation in 30 Days

In last few months, we interacted with 220 University Alumni Offices across North America & 42% of them quoted Alumni Volunteer Participation as one of their major challenge. Alumni Volunteers are one of the key pillar stone of any alumni

Tips to Build an Evolving Alumni Engagement Strategy

The educational institutes are center of affectionate recollections and encounters as who can ever forget the fond memories and experiences of our University Campuses. While students set them up for career success by learning things about industry topics and also

Alumni Engagement
5 Best Ways to Keep Your Alumni Community Engaged

An alumni engagement program is a powerful tool for universities, colleges, high schools, and other educational institutions. Whether it’s to support fundraising goals, drive athletic revenue, or increase new student enrollment, a successful alumni engagement program can support a higher

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Are You Engaging These 4 Distinct Kinds of Alumni?

Every year, institutes see its alumni community growing, some of them losing contact with their alma mater. Engaging huge alumni community is a challenge in itself. You must have observed that out of the total alumni base, only a percentage