6 Ideas To Elevate Your Alumni Engagement Strategy

Those little moments of nostalgia bring back the entire duration spent in college, doesn't it? Being alumni of an institution is the most fortunate thing for a student.  Similarly, collecting the anecdotes of students’ success stories is the most opportune

5 Virtual Alumni Meet Ideas to Boost Alumni Participation

Planning and conducting a triumphant alumni meet is no joke. It takes innumerable hours, teamwork, and a lot of patience to organize an alumni meet. With technology, resources, and a student-professor team, institutions are now capable of organizing successful alumni

Alumni Mentoring: A New Way To Ensure Greater Career Counselling of Students

Students' lives aren't easy. Attending the ongoing sessions, focusing on personality improvement, and deciding the route of further studies, there's a lot on their plates. Well, everything becomes easy for students if they have a genuine mentor. A mentor could

5 Hacks To Ensure Your Alumni Meet Becomes The Most Memorable One

Everything works wonders if planned properly and precisely. Whether it is a birthday party or an alumni meet, you should know its dos and don'ts to have an excellent overall experience. Hiring a birthday party planner can make your tasks

After 65 Years, Kurukshetra University Finally Launches Its Alumni Platform With AlmaShines

Kurukshetra University was established as a unitary residential university in 1956 in the Haryana state of India. The 65-Year-old university has an alumni base of lakhs and counts come of notable personalities like Late Jagjit Singh & Anu Singh Lather. 

Benefits of Setting Up a Connected School Community

Any community in the world has several benefits. To name a few: Sharing KnowledgeBuilding ConnectionsGetting InspiredLeveraging ResourcesReceiving Support The tragedy here is, people understand the importance of building a community lately. Instead, think of an early established school community. Gradually,

5 Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Alumni Database Software

Often, the chief concern of educational institutions remains concentric towards finding a substitute to maintaining records of alumni using traditional excel sheets. With thoughtfully-purchased alumni database software, you can eliminate the daunting tasks of juggling through spreadsheets. Colleges and universities

5 Reasons Why You Must Use an Alumni Management Software for your Alumni Relations

More and more institutions are now switching their alumni relations management from using traditional tools like excel sheets, Mailchimp, google forms, etc. to advance alumni management software. Why? For anyone with a small alumni community, managing alumni relations using traditional

Five Reasons to Ditch Excel Sheets And Start Building an Alumni Database Software Right Away!

Spreadsheets or excel sheets used to be globally preferred tools by educational institutions to manage alumni relations to date. However, in the current time of abundance of data and real-time updates, it becomes difficult to update excel sheets manually to

5 Hacks To Grow Alumni Engagement With A Powerful Technology

Social Media Platforms Alone Cannot Boost Your Alumni Engagement Alumni engagement is not time-specific, it is a continuous process of inviting your alumni participation and interactions. Alumni engagement differs from platform to platform. Alumni engagement can be done with multiple