5 Hacks To Grow Alumni Engagement With A Powerful Technology

Social Media Platforms Alone Cannot Boost Your Alumni Engagement Alumni engagement is not time-specific, it is a continuous process of inviting your alumni participation and interactions. Alumni engagement differs from platform to platform. Alumni engagement can be done with multiple

Building a Tech Savvy Alumni Office with Limited Resources

There is technology for everything; why not for alumni relations? Gone is the time when an alumni office was working under constraints and crunch. Alumni relations have become a vast subject currently, with a mantra of “Adapting by Adopting”. Alumni

Hacks to Grow Alumni Database for Small Alumni Offices

When starting to build an alumni network, questions that are seldom asked are, “how do I create an alumni database”, “how to connect with alumni”, “how do you grow an alumni association”, “how to connect with alumni on LinkedIn”, etc.

5 Things A Powerful Alumni Website Does For You

An alumni website is the cornerstone of strong alumni relations. Every Institution with strong alumni networks highly focuses on building an interactive alumni portal and deriving major benefits out of it. Alumni websites are a vital part of promoting a

Building a Strong Alumni Network in 100 Days!

Building a Strong Alumni Network is Simple, If We Understand What Lies Behind It! All of us know what a strong alumni network can fetch to our institutions in terms of recognition, brand visibility, donations & gifts, in-house support, etc.

How Alumni Engagement Can Boost Placement Support

Have you ever wondered how many institutions have been able to seek alumni support to boost placements so easily? The answer to the same is by engaging the alumni community on a regular basis. An engaged alumni community is a

How to Build a Perfect Alumni Database for Accreditations

Databases for alumni are vital to every learning institution. The data and information is needed by any institution to communicate, engage and track the alumni. It also plays an important role in getting good accreditations for the institute. Getting "successfully

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4 Things You are Doing Wrong While Seeking Alumni Support for Placements

Alumni usually are the greatest brand ambassadors of an institute. They are the ones who make their institute proud and the current students look up to them as mentors for a successful career. In various institutions, Alumni have been praised

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How Can Your Institution be Recognized in the Top NIRF Ranked Institutions

Featuring on the NIRF top 100 tables is certainly prestigious for any College or University. However, getting a better score for your institution can be tricky and a tedious task. In our recent study, we interacted with over 56 Partner

Alumni Engagement Metrics
4 Important Alumni Engagement Metrics

Institutes put in a lot of efforts to boost alumni engagement. But, how will you evaluate the success of any campaign that you’ve planned? Not only for alumni engagement but also for alumni relations in general, it is important to