Building a Tech Savvy Alumni Office with Limited Resources

There is technology for everything; why not for alumni relations?

Gone is the time when an alumni office was working under constraints and crunch. Alumni relations have become a vast subject currently, with a mantra of “Adapting by Adopting”. Alumni Offices around the world have been adapting to the ever changing alumni relations ecosystem by adopting a cutting edge technology. 

Using technology has not only opened the box of limitations but also has made a huge impact on the way how alumni relations are managed today. If not a huge alumni office, a small alumni office struggles majorly with these challenges:

  • Large Alumni Base to Service
  • Limited Resources- Manpower & Budget
  • Meeting Annual Fundraising targets
  • Cannot coordinate the Career Cell & Other Interlinked Divisions with alumni support

Given these challenges, let’s look at some positives a cutting edge technology will bring to your alumni office:

  • Increased Return on Investment (overcome the budget crunch)
  • A centralized alumni management platform (say bye to multiple tools which don’t fetch you desired results)
  • Single handedly manage the platform (no need for a big alumni office team)
  • Automate manual tasks and rely on advanced algorithms.

Building a Tech Savvy Alumni Office 

The Mantra for building any tech savvy alumni office is AUTOMATE & ANALYZE.

Now that you’re aware of some of the positives of adopting a powerful technology for your alumni relations, let’s discuss how you can build your tech savvy alumni office not worrying about the limited resources:

  1. Make a Centralized Management System: Do you wonder how much time and efforts can you save by working on a centralized management system? Improve efficiency and get better control of your alumni office operations. Manage all outreach channels, various events/fundraising campaigns, interest groups,and more from a single dashboard.
  2. Automate Database Management: With a small alumni office team, it becomes tedious to spend most of the time on updating the alumni database with the correct information. Automate your database management with various professional and geographical filters, alumni profile integration and automated HTML emailers. With an alumni management platform, let technology take care of those boring tasks and you can focus on core responsibilities. 
  3. Technology for Alumni Engagement: When would your alumni respond to the campaigns/events you’ve planned for them? When they will see it for themselves. Implement a notification system easily and pass on real-time information to your alumni in seconds. Technology will also facilitate in creating personalized greetings and messages automatically to build personal connections with the alumni, in turn boosting engagement.
  4. Install Powerful Integrations: The big part of building a tech savvy alumni office lies in integrations and a centralized management system. This removes the requirement of assigning a person for every important domain and can be easily managed by a small team. Alumni Profiles, Social Media and Payment Gateway Integrations with your alumni management platform will :
  • Increase your outreach / manage social media platforms from a single channel
  • Automatically update alumni profiles when alumni update their social media accounts
  • Let alumni pay for your event tickets and contribute in your fundraisers from a single platform.

5. Powerful Analytics: You haven’t completely automated your alumni office if you do not analyze its progress and developments. With powerful analytics, technology measures some important alumni engagement metrics, alumni activity on the platform and the success of your running campaigns easily. Download and analyze the report generated and implement the required changes.

Are you able to picture a new alumni office altogether with a powerful technology? What’s more interesting is that there are no different technologies needed; build your tech savvy alumni office with just a single powerful alumni management platform!

Build your Tech Savvy Alumni Office on AlmaShines Alumni Platform and eliminate the limitations of manpower and budget constraints. Request a free demo of the platform here.

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