Disrupt Virtual Alumni Engagement with Digital Alumni Card

Digital Alumni Card is a small but a significant part of alumni relations management. The concept of digital i-card was meant to give online identity to alumni for easy verification but now is a key component to boost alumni engagement.

The Ultimate Guide to Conduct Virtual Alumni Events

The university alumni associations face an unprecedented situation – how to manage alumni relations amid a pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak continues to be a roadblock to conventional alumni engagement opportunities such as alumni chapter meetups, in-person gatherings, homecoming, tailgates, football,

7 Reasons Why Alumni Offices Must Have Alumni Mobile App for Better Relations

In this digital age, there’s a mobile application for everything – food, apparel, electronics, and home décor. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store have 2.87 million and 1.96 million apps, respectively. There are several reasons for the popularity

The Possibilities that Alumni Apps Behold in the Future

When we look back to when the concept of alumni relations was developed, the journey until today has been fascinating. Some noteworthy changes have taken place including the way alumni relations are managed today. From face to face alumni small

Factors to keep in mind while unleasing the power of Young Alumni

Whenever we talk about alumni relations, we focus on how senior alumni provides tremendous benefits to the institutions including career support and fund raising. We tend to overlook the power of young alumni who have been recently graduated or may

Why Institutions are Switching Over to Technology at a Younger Stage to Manage Strong Alumni Relations?

To start with, let’s go through some misconceptions built around using technology for alumni relations and understand how technology is a catalyst rather than a barrier to strong alumni relations especially for younger institutions: Technology for Alumni Relations is meant

The Secret of Fund Raising!

For any alumni relations- big or small, getting your alumni to support in your fund raising cause and receiving huge donations from them is often an unsolved mystery. Forget fund raising for a second. Let's first revisit the most important

5 Best Ways to Keep Your Alumni Community Engaged

An alumni engagement program is a powerful tool for universities, colleges, high schools, and other educational institutions. Whether it’s to support fundraising goals, drive athletic revenue, or increase new student enrollment, a successful alumni engagement program can support a higher

Evolving Alumni for Institutional Advancement; an Upward Sloping Graph

We all agree that Alumni Relations is one of the key pillars to institutional advancement besides the other three- Public Relations, Publications and Development. The mission and vision of advancement offices are being backed by and carried forward by the

Are You Organizing These 7 Types of Alumni Meets?

Alumni Meet is an experience for both the institute and its alumni. Institutions want to re-connect to their alumni for numerous reasons and occasions. The type of alumni meet depends on what occasion is the institution inviting its past students