Are You Organizing These 7 Types of Alumni Meets?

Alumni Meet

Alumni Meet is an experience for both the institute and its alumni. Institutions want to re-connect to their alumni for numerous reasons and occasions. The type of alumni meet depends on what occasion is the institution inviting its past students together. Certain types of alumni reunions are

  1. Golden Jubilee Alumni Meet:

Every year, new students enter the institute and old students bid farewell. An institution’s network is widespread in terms on numerous alumni spread across different cities and countries. Connections with all the alumni over the years is difficult to maintain unless the institute involves itself into keeping in touch and engaging their alumni. Golden Jubilee is one of the occasions where an institution celebrates its establishment with their oldest alumni. 50 years is a long duration! The alumni attending this reunion have different thoughts, ideologies and discipline. Golden Jubilee is a good occasion for alumni to learn what their oldest alumni underwent while graduating and how did young alumni pursue their college and career.

  • Silver Jubilee:

Celebrating 25 years of the institute with its alumni is another type of reunion. The policies, mission and vision of the institute can be reflected upon and a small talk on how 25 years of the institute have shaped and cultivated its discipline in the students is one of the things that can be planned for a silver jubilee reunion.

  • Homecoming:

Several institutions organise alumni meet frequently at specific intervals. These reunions aren’t specific to any particular batch; it can be organised for one batch or for all.  Alumni from different batches come together and walk down the lane of nostalgia. The theme of the reunion revolves around nostalgia; all the activities and programs organised ensure that alumni reminisce of their golden days in college followed by cocktail and dinner. It also gives alumni a chance to interact with other alumni and grow their professional and personal networks.

  • Professional Alumni Meet/Conference:

The fourth type of reunion is professional alumni meet which is organised with the fixed agenda. For example, IIT Delhi Alumni Association organised ‘IIT Delhi Alumni Start-up Expo’ where alumni were given a chance to pitch their start up, meet VCs and get mentored by fellow IIT-D alumni. In addition to this, number of attractions had been planned for alumni’s spouses and children like Nail Art, Games, Music, etc. The meet served two purposes- it encouraged its alumni to present their start-up venture, also it was a sort of fun mela for the kids and the spouses.

CEGAANA organised an annual conference where accomplished alums joined the event to share their experiences in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. This serves as a great meet where other alumni can grow their network.

  • Fund Raiser:

Alumni Meet is a great medium to discuss about the fund-raising campaigns of the institution. It gives institutes an edge because of its great attempt to build a relationship with its alumni. The agenda of the meet is to seek alumni support and raising huge donations with their help. 

  • Special interest group:

We as individuals always tend to connect more with people who have similar interests as us. Special Interest Groups is a very unique type where alumni from different batches with similar interest base are invited together to share and interact around a selected topic.

  • Chapter Meet:

Alumni are located all over the globe in different cities. Institutions have various chapters of their alumni based on their geographical location for example Delhi Chapter, Bangalore Chapter, UK Chapter, etc. It is difficult that these alumni attend the reunions organized on the institute’s campus. Hence, colleges and universities focus on planning chapter meets in which alumni coordinator of the respective chapter plans and organize the meet in the said region. Chapter Meets ensure huge alumni participation as alumni located in the city are in a good position to attend the event.

Ashwini Rajvaidya

Ashwini Rajvaidya

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