Are You Organizing These 7 Types of Alumni Meets?

Alumni Meet is an experience for both the institute and its alumni. Institutions want to re-connect to their alumni for numerous reasons and occasions. The type of alumni meet depends on what occasion is the institution inviting its past students

Story of the Highest Alumni Participation in the History of Alumni Reunions of Andhra University

Alumni meets are a great way to relive the golden days. Meeting your old friends from high school and university after many years can be a beautiful experience, especially when everyone’s busy juggling between work, family, and friends. Established in

5 Advantages that Institutions have by Maintaining Updated Alumni Database

Thriving institutions are backed by a vibrant alumni community and building that community starts with creative alumni management. Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial to an institution’s success. Every institution takes great pride in recognising the presence of

How IIT-Delhi Received Huge Alumni Support in its Fund Raiser Program

Case: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Alumni Association (IITDAA) strived to contribute to its Alumni Community and Society. One such program launched was ‘Village Adoption Program (VAPUSI)’ under Swatchchhta Initiative, where they wanted to support villages around Delhi NCR with

DERF Theory- Secret to Building Your Strong Alumni Network

Alumni Network is becoming a bigger part of institutions with growing alumni base every year. Alumni offices work dedicatedly towards building meaningful relationship with the alumni and growing its alumni community. The four main pillars of strong alumni relations are:

Are You Engaging These 4 Distinct Kinds of Alumni?

Every year, institutes see its alumni community growing, some of them losing contact with their alma mater. Engaging huge alumni community is a challenge in itself. You must have observed that out of the total alumni base, only a percentage

Three Things that You are Doing Wrong While Raising Funds from the Alumni

Alumni communities are powerful assets of the Institutions and these assets keep on growing every year. When built meaningful relationship with them, they are your biggest advocates and supporters. In recent times, institutions actively seek support from their alumni. Out

Strategic Approach in Growing Alumni Database by Ahmedabad University

IHaving its roots back in 1999, Ahmedabad University is one of the largest private universities in Ahmedabad set by Ahmedabad Education Society, a non-profit educational trust. Comprising four schools under it, the university has huge alumni database located all over

How to Make a Virtual Alumni Office for Your Institution?

As graduates of the institution, alumni have a special connection with the university. Harnessing the same, it is very necessary for the institutions to stay closely connected with their alumni community, no matter what comes. During certain unavoidable situations, like