It's Almaversary!

Celebrating 7 years of strengthening alumni relations.
It all started with an idea…

Back in 2014, three students working as alumni team members realized the importance of having strong alumni relations and got the zeal to move ahead in the same domain. From their own experience, all they wanted was a solution that could cater to numerous challenges faced in alumni relations and deliver building stronger alumni relations. They built the solution using cutting-edge technology and since then, the idea has been very revolutionary.

Today, we are celebrating the 7 years of this idea, the launch of AlmaShines Alumni Platform which changed the alumni relations scenario of 800+ institutions across the globe. Hold on! These celebrations are not just limited to us, we’re passing it to all of you who have been managing their alumni relations exceptionally. 


We are celebrating not a day, not a week but an entire month!

We’re making sure that we come with presents for all of you throughout the month that shall gear up and add to your zeal of managing strong alumni relations. Mentioned below are some of the things we’ve lined up for you which we think will certainly bring value to your alumni relations.


New Launches


The pandemic taught us to organize virtual alumni events and since then, virtual alumni events are a new thing in  alumni relations.

We wanted to make a solution for virtual alumni events that is accessible, easy and affordable to all. With Virtual Alumni Meets and Events Solution 2.0 , abbreviated as VAMES, we’re certain that your experience of organizing virtual alumni events is truly enhanced.                      

VAMES 2.0 launching on 25th November, 2021. Stay Tuned


E-Book: Step-Wise Manual To Host Incredible Alumni Events (Part-I)

Do you wish to organize highly successful in-person events? Then this is the book for you! 

Right from the planning stage to organizing, the book content comprises of several alumni events ideas, tools to be used, step wise guide, etc.

E-Book: Step-Wise Manual To Host Incredible Alumni Events (Part-II)

Virtual alumni events are not just alumni gathering over a zoom call; it’s a lot more than that. It’s highly important to inculcate the feel of an event while organizing a virtual alumni event and this book gives you that.


  • Why virtual alumni events?
  • How it adds to strong alumni engagement?
  • Ways to organize

To be launched on 2nd December, 2021. Stay Tuned.

Exciting Offers

Offer LIVE

Book a Demo and Get Free Voucher worth up to INR 50,000

AlmaShines is committed to simplifying alumni relations management and wants to make sure that each and every institution get the utmost benefits out of it.  

How to unlock free voucher worth INR 50,000?

  1. Click on the button below
  2. Request free demo by filling the form with your details
  3. Take a 30 min walk through of AlmaShines Alumni Platform with our alumni expert
  4. Receive free voucher worth INR 50,000 in your registered email ID.

Offer LIVE

Subscribe free AlmaDirectory & get free upgrades

Building huge alumni database is now easy! With AlmaDirectory,

  • get centralized alumni data
  • auto update alumni information
  • track alumni 
  • synchronize alumni profiles with social media

Subscribing to AlmaDirectory is absolutely FREE! 

How to subscribe?

Click on the button below and fill the AlmaDirectory form to submit the free subscription request. You’ll get a call from our alumni consultant to assist you in installing the software and guide you further.

The party doesn't end here...

Besides amazing deals and launches, there’s a lot more to celebrate. Follow our social media pages to stay updated with the celebrations.