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Our Story

AlmaShines emerged out of the firm belief of our founders, that alumni are one of the key assets for an educational institution. Experiencing the power of a strong alumni community, while managing alumni relations with an alumni base of 40,000+ at their own Alma Mater & witnessing the challenges, associated with it, which took a lot of manual effort and large amount of resources, they wanted to figure out a solution that eliminates the hassles of alumni relations. They always had the firm belief that all of these can be made simple with powerful technology. After an interaction with over 100 Institutions & learning that no technology solution existed that was solving the challenges of alumni relations, they made it their mission to empower every educational institution with technology, to build strong alumni relations. Our commitment has led us to build one of the most comprehensive solution for alumni relations.

Our Team

Kapil Dev Advani

Founder & Director

Palash Agarwal

Founder & Director

Manohar Sharma

Founder & Director

Akshin Mayatra

Product Lead

Raj Shah

Product Lead

Aaron Joseph

Sales Officer

Kamna Surjani

Alumni Relation Consultant

Priya Gondaliya

Marketing Manager

Heta Patel

Brand Associate

Hetshree Kangad

Clients Operations Manager

Ishan Jain

Clients Operations Manager

Mihir Soni

Full Stack Developer

Ajinkya Bodade

Full Stack Developer

Jayesh Gangnani

Alumni Relation Consultant

Harsh Thakkar

Alumni Relation Consultant

Tushar Agarwal

Inside Sales Associate

Rohil Jain

UI/UX Designer

Keyur Shah

Full Stack Developer


Customer Success Manager

Aditya Pal

Business Development Associate

Office Culture

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